As 2019 brings on another round of New Year's resolutions, let's make sure that your goals are SMART!

What exactly makes a goal SMART? It should utilize the following parameters
(check out the bulletin board for more details):

Non-smart Goal: I want to get all As this term.
Smart Goal: I want to earn a 90 or higher in Algebra by the end of quarter three. This goal is important to me because of how it affects my final grade and overall high school GPA goals.

Have you made a SMART goal for the year? Come find Ms. Kokal and fill out a SMART goal square for the bulletin board. Be proud of your goals!
What's Happening Around Campus?
Students who are interested in getting ahead or needing to catch up, may want to consider taking a class through VirtualSC. Students who do well in VirtualSC are self-motivated and have time available to complete the work. If you are interested in taking a VirtualSC class, please email or come see Ms. Kokal.

Grades 11 and 12 will sign up beginning on January 3.
Grades 9 - 10 will sign up beginning on January 10.

´╗┐Individual Graduation Plans

What's an Individual Graduation Plan?
Every student in S.C. will have an annual graduation plan meeting starting in 8th grade. These meetings allow for dedicated time with students, parents, and the school counselor to look at future academic and career goals along with current progress. A parent or guardian does need to be present for this meeting.

We will begin junior IGPs in January. Please reserve your spot today!
Plan ahead for your sophomore's February IGP as well and sign up here.
Freshman will also be meeting in February. Sign up here now.
Eighth grade is the first year for IGPs. Click here to choose a time!
Skills for Success
Career Day: March 7

Trident Tech Career Day: sophomores, juniors, and seniors are all invited to Career Day at Trident Tech. There are limited spots available so contact Ms. Kokal if you are interested. Students will have the opportunity to tour the campus, check out labs and simulations typically not available on tours, speak with faculty, admissions and financial aid representatives, and more!

Shadowing in the Community: Sophomores, juniors, and seniors are invited to spend the day shadowing a career of interest. In order for this to be an excused day off campus, you will need to approve your shadowing opportunity with Ms. Kokal. You will also need to complete a brief interview form to be turned in to Ms. Kokal by March 11.
Hello Seniors!
College Applications
We are excited to start celebrating your upcoming plans.
Please contact Ms. Kokal as you begin to receive acceptances and make decisions.

Complete your FAFSA today!
If you haven't completed your FAFSA, please check out these simple eight steps.
If you plan on using ANY type of financial aid (scholarships, loans, grants), you MUST complete a FAFSA at You will need to do this every year of college.
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