Exploring Careers

Trident Tech Career Day: Sophomores, juniors, and seniors are all invited to Career Day at Trident Tech on March 7. There are limited spots available so contact Ms. Kokal by February 14 if you are interested. Students will have the opportunity to tour the campus, check out labs and simulations typically not available on tours, speak with faculty, admissions and financial aid representatives, and more!

Shadowing in the Community: Sophomores, juniors, and seniors are invited to spend the day shadowing a career of interest. In order for this to be an excused day off campus, you will need to approve your shadowing opportunity with Ms. Kokal by February 22. You will also need to complete a brief interview form to be turned in to Ms. Kokal by March 11.

What's Happening?
VirtualSC classes have begun for the term! Just a reminder, if you are enrolled in a VirtualSC course and drop below a 70, you will need to attend a flex period on Mondays with Ms. Kokal. If you already have a required flex period on Monday, we can discuss this on an individual basis.

´╗┐Individual Graduation Plan Meetings

Sophomore IGPs have started! If you haven't already, please sign up here.
Freshman will also be meeting in February. Sign up here now.
Eighth grade is the first year for IGPs. Click here to choose a time!

Juniors - SAT/ACT School Day
If you signed up for the ACT: you will be taking the test on February 20..
Find free prep here.

If you signed up for the SAT, you will be taking taking the test on March 6.
Start studying today by linking your PSAT scores to your Khan Academy account for personalized study preparation.

College Visits at Allegro
University of Alabama will be visiting at Allegro during HS lunch on Feb. 7. Come prepared with questions to ask the admissions representative.

Events in the Community
February 2: SC State Recruitment Fair at Burke High School from 10:30-1:30
February 2: Trident Tech Apprenticeship Info from 9 am - noon @ Trident's main campus
February 10: Student Info Session for CofC, Clemson, and USC @ 3 pm. Check it out!
Skills for Success
Study Tip of the Month

Pick one hour each day to disconnect from ALL forms of social media. Challenge yourself to put your phone on airplane mode, voluntarily give it to a trusted adult in your house, or just turn it off. You can accomplish A LOT in one uninterrupted hour.

Studying for the ACT?
For Naviance users, the ACT is offering an ACT bootcamp if you are studying on a limited time frame. Check it out here.
Hello Seniors!
Senior Updates
If you already completed the senior update form - thank you! You should have received a response by now from me. If you have not, please do so today!

Collect your $$$ for School!
Several of you have asked about scholarships or money for school. The number one thing you can do to help yourself now is to complete the FAFSA. You do not have to wait to file this years taxes to complete the FAFSA. They use last year's tax return information.
If you plan on using ANY type of financial aid (scholarships, loans, grants), you MUST complete a FAFSA at You will need to do this every year of college.

Looking for Local $$$?
Check out the Coastal Community Foundation as they have a plethora of opportuniites.
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