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 Post Covid-19 -- Thoughts From Allen Ten Broek
Industry icon and co-founder of The Mariner Group Allen Ten Broek shares a few ideas:

The purpose of this article is to document my observations concerning the Covid-19 effect on the timeshare industry and how this may cause fundamental changes to occur to current timeshare business models. It is the result of discussions with a number of industry veterans and was prepared at a macro level, supported by experience and gut feel, not detailed research and analysis.


Resort Trades Publisher Sharon Scott Wilson, RRP, urges resort marketers to persevere and innovate, despite the Coronavirus crisis:

Is the [insert the "C" word] crisis killing your tour flow? Of course, it least for now. But smart marketers in the resort industry realize this situation can't last forever. Any resort team that's planning to be in business six months from now is initiating a campaign to establish their brand as a winner. The savvy players are playing long-ball and are actually paying more attention to marketing than ever. Take Tripadvisor® for example:

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UK-based content marketer and editor Michael Dehoyos sent a few tips on improving conversion rates in your social media:

Social media marketing has become one of the go-to tools for businesses large and small to market their products and services to potential customers....While it is no secret that Social Media Marketing can be very effective in attracting qualified leads; there are a couple of simple steps one can take in order to improve conversion rates. Here we will go over these items in brief.

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