Alliance's Appeal for Legal Action Against Cruel Dog Breeders Gaining Results 
Attorney General Sues Oregon County Dog Breeder
The Alliance has long sought legal action against some of the worst dog breeders in Missouri. The Alliance has been extensively lobbying the Governor and the Attorney General (AG) to strictly enforce the Animal Care Facilities Act and the Canine Cruelty Prevention Act and to close down inhumane dog breeding facilities.

The Alliance compiled a list of some of the worst breeders and presented it to the Missouri Department of Agriculture (MDA) and the AG’s office along with a summary of violations documented at these facilities by MDA and USDA inspectors. We have also garnered editorials and news stories in the media about cruel puppy mills. Most recently the Springfield News Leader (July 12, 2019) asserted that “It’s time for a harder crackdown on puppy mills.” In addition, we were able to persuade several state legislators of both parties to reach out to MDA to request actions against inhumane breeders.

As a result of these efforts, MDA has started to refer some of the worst breeders to the AG for legal action. This past month, Attorney General Eric Schmitt announced that he was suing anoth er breeder that was on the list submitted to his Office by the Alliance.  Attorney General Schmitt reported that “Cedar Ridge Australians had continually violated the Animal Care Facilities Act.”  
Cedar Ridge Australians now being sued by the Attorney General
Schmitt's office said that MDA inspectors have in the past discovered more than two dozen weaned puppies and adult dogs with thin bodies. In June 2019, inspectors also “found thin dogs, dogs with wounds and lesions, overcrowded shelters, and muddy enclosures."

The Attorney General’s office said it now has three active cases and one recently closed case against Missouri dog breeders.  You can be assured that the Alliance will continue to advocate for puppy mill dogs until all cruel mills are closed down.