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"Finding Peace Through Inner Strength" profile of Virginia Swain in the news



I am pleased to announce that the Institute for Global Leadership has formed an alliance with ChangeWise, a leadership and organization development firm in Concord, MA, led by Bill Joiner, MBA, Ed.D. and Debbie Whitestone, M.S.W., Ed.D.


This alliance reflects a shared conviction that real leadership and organization effectiveness is fundamentally rooted in human development.


Augmenting its 30 year record helping leaders and their teams design and successfully carry out organizational change, ChangeWise now offers a timely suite of services based on the award-winning book, Leadership Agility, co-authored by ChangeWise President, Bill Joiner. These services are informed by the premise that the challenges faced by today's organizations--increased pace of change, complexity and interdependence-demand a more agile, reflective, collaborative approach to leadership.  


The IGL provides confidential, compassionate and skilled coaching and training to help leaders and teams through change, challenges and crises. We recognize all human beings and organizations for their uniqueness, need and capacity for transformation. In order to cope with change and conflict, leaders and teams are given resources for daily living and working in coaching career decisions, leadership and team training to enjoy the benefits of having a clear sense of mission to make their organizations more focused, healthy, socially responsible and sustainable. As its founder, I bring 30 years experience coaching corporate and nonprofit senior managers on five continents, including 20 years training Reconciliation Leaders at the United Nations.


By joining forces, IGL and Changewise can now offer clients a broader range of highly impactful services geared to helping leaders lead more effectively in today's complex, rapidly changing conditions. Below is a sample of our services from which we can customize an engagement to address your particular needs. We look forward to talking with you soon about how we might assist you to meet your strategic goals.



Virginia Swain

CEO, Founder and Director

Institute for Global Leadership


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  Virginia Swain                                                Bill Joiner

  Institute for Global Leadership                        ChangeWise


Leadership and Coaching Assessments

For seasoned, high potential leaders, we draw on a variety of powerful assessment tools and coaching methods, including:


Leadership Agility 360 feedback and development coaching

Enneagram, Meyers Briggs Type Inventory, Intercultural Conflict Assessment

Performance Coaching

Sensitive Issue Coaching (i.e. sexism, racism, cross-cultural sensitivity among other challenging issues)

Outplacement, Career /Life Direction Testing and Guidance


Executive Development and Action Learning Labs for Leaders 

Agile Change Leadership Lab -for managers leading organizational change

Pivotal Conversations Learning Lab-a team or inter-team intervention

Mission-focused Leadership Certificate Program

Reconciliation Leadership Certificate Program

Reflective Leadership Certificate Program

Diversity as a Success Factor


Organizational Development and Leadership Development Consulting

Breakout Strategy Design Process

The Fast Track Change Process (highly participative process redesign, strategy implementation)

Creating an Agile Leadership Culture and Organization

Change Management Consulting (including mergers, large system change)

Senior Team Development

Conflict Management and Ombuds Services

Facilitation of Key Meetings

Empowering systems resistant to change


Keynote Presentations (sample topics)

Leadership Agility, An Essential Competency for Our Times

Business as Leaders for Social Responsibility: Triple Bottom Line Principles--People, Planet, Profit