If you make a dessert dish to share, log in the time as participation hours!

Friday at 6:00 pm we will be loading up a truck with our tables and chairs. We will also be loading pitchers, buckets, table coverings, boxes of tickets, to name a few.

We are still looking for Baskets or prizes to donate for the Basket Raffle. 

Saturday 10:00 AM we will be unloading and setting up the tables – chairs – basket raffle etc.
If you want to reserve chairs for the people you sold tickets to, this is the time to do so.

( I also hope you have informed your friends that bought tickets of the new location)

The Doors open at 5:00 pm we will need some people to help with parking, check people in, open the bar, sell 50/50 tickets and Basket Raffle Tickets, so please arrive at 4:30 if you want to help with the check in.

During the event. Please volunteer at least an hour if not more. Between the drawing of the main prizes, we will need people to make change for the side raffles.  The more ticket sellers the better. Joe Truty will be coordinating the ticket sellers.

We will also need some helpers for serving the food and the cleanup. Again, we are looking for donations of deserts too.

The Raffle ends around 10 PM. If members will please stay and assist with the cleanup, it really goes fast. The more that help, the faster it goes.

Finally, as we will have to load the truck up Saturday night, we will be unloading it on Sunday Morning at 10 AM. Again, please come and lend a hand.

Although we have sold out of the 500 main tickets, not all 500 ticket holders will attend. $10.00 admission tickets will be available which gives full access for food and refreshments and all raffles except the main guns on the front of the ticket.
Best deal it town.