Ally Miller Comprehensive Road Repair Plan

The deplorable conditions of our roads is the biggest issue facing our region. It is stifling business growth and driving down home values. The current board majority have been silent on solving this pressing issue, while blaming others for the problem. Real leadership is tackling these tough problems head on and coming up with creative solutions. I have developed a plan to finally repair our disastrous roads. Highlights of the plan are:
  • Is a Regional Plan - addresses all roads (cities & Unincorporated)
  • Provides over 1 Billion $ for road repairs
  • Does not raise taxes
  • Is a long term plan - 20 years
  • Is sustainable - does not use any gimmicks (like bonds)
  • Is fair and equitable to all tax payers
  • Provides certainty - stops political games to move $$'s
    The details of the plan can be found on my website at the link below:

If wish to contribute to the campaign:

Ally Miller is in her first term as Pima County Board of Supervisors in District 1. If you'd like to learn more about Ally go to her website: and sign up on the email list.

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