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Message from the CDO

Natalie Holder

After spending the winter strategizing outreach efforts and speaking at conferences, it all comes to fruition as we welcome the new class of summer interns and visitors who stroll through our campus with wonder. This summer, we also hosted our first ever all-Employee Resource Group (ERG) retreat. The retreat pushed us to think of new paradigms—radical prioritization vs. multi-tasking, change vs. transformation, and collectivism through intersectionality vs. individualism.

Our learning and development, recognitions (this July marks the 33rd anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act), and cultural offerings are the essence of our organizational culture—the organizational culture that our principal investigators should cite to when developing their Promoting Inclusive and Equitable Research (PIER) Plans.

An organization’s DEI+ Office and ERGs can be tremendous partners to the mission. During a recent conversation that I facilitated for the HEP Early Career Award Network Summer 2023 Workshop, I shared a mentoring map with the attendees to help delineate the multiple mentors that we all need. While the attendees were comfortable with traversing the left side of the map, I led a discussion about the critical aspects of the right side of the map and strategies that STEM professionals can use to find the mentors and sponsors who are essential to an early career scientist’s success.

In my next PIER planning session, we will discuss mentoring within the context of micro-aggressions with Dr. Ayodele Thomas, the first African American woman to earn an engineering PhD from Stanford University. To attend, please feel free to reach out to [email protected] to receive the meeting invitation.

Monthly Recognitions & Celebrations

LGBTQ+ Pride and Juneteenth at SLAC

The month of June was filled with exciting events for our community: bringing the lab together in celebration of LGBTQ+ Pride Month and Juneteenth. We saw the raising of the Progress Pride flag for the second consecutive year, a Rainbow Reels movie showing, and a Juneteenth celebration with the graduating CORE Science Institute summer camp.

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Events and Programming

Connecting with your Stanford Community: Facilitated drop-in LGBTQ+ Groups

Jul. 6, 2023 | 10-10:50am PT | Virtual

This group is for Stanford postdocs, faculty, and staff who are Queer-identifying and/or Questioning to connect with other people in the LGTBQ+ Stanford community in a safe, protected place, make positive connections and meet new friends, and find topics to discuss besides COVID-19 and work. Learn more.

LGBTQ+ ERG | SLAC Pride March

July 12, 2023 | 12-2pm PT | Main Quad

Join the LGBTQ+ ERG for the second annual SLAC Pride March. This year, there will be fun activities, refreshments, and remarks from the LGTBQ+ Council and lab leadership. And in the spirit of fostering inclusivity and embracing our allies, SLAC employees are invited to bring external guests to the event. Learn more. (staff login required)

KIPAC Public Lecture: Dark Matter Near Astrophysical Sources

July 18, 2023 | 7-8pm PT

What exactly is dark matter and what do we know about its nature? Join our lecture to learn about how astronomers search for dark matter signals near stars and planets! Learn more and register.

SLAC Public Tours

We invite you to come on our interactive, self-paced online tour or register for an on-site tour of SLAC. The tour destinations are designed to give you the most exciting and informative views of the lab. We are continuously adding on new stops and information about our sciences. The next upcoming public tour will be held on July 21, 2023. Registration information to be announced here.

SLAC Public Lectures

The SLAC Public Lecture Series is a chance to learn about the lab's cutting-edge science. From the nanotechnology of diamonds to the latest Higgs boson discoveries, these lectures provide a unique insight into the workings of our universe. The next public lecture will be hosted on July 27, 2023. More information to be announced here.

SLAC Reads

SLAC Reads is a book club driven by our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) and is open to all SLAC employees. Each ERG selects a book and leads a discussion that provides insight into the unique experiences that have impacted the people who make up our lab community.

How We Fight for Our Lives: A Memoir

by Saeed Jones

This coming-of-age memoir follows author and award-winning poet Saeed Jones as he fights to carve out a place for himself within his family, within his country, and within his own hopes, desires, and fears.

SLAC's LGBTQ+ Employee Resource Group hosted a discussion on June 27th, navigating the themes addressed in this empowering story.

Highlighting Women in Engineering


A day in the life of a telescope camera assembler

Mechanical engineer Hannah Pollek is part of the team responsible for assembling and testing the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (LSST) camera.

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A day in the life of a light engineer

Knowledge of physics and a love of challenges fuel May Ling Ng’s quest for nanometer perfection in the smooth surfaces of mirrors used at SLAC’s X-ray laser.

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Other News & Stories


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SLAC's commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

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