October 14, 2019
There is Almost Always a Solution
This is a true story.

Recently a 35 year old handsome, fit, successful and seemingly healthy man was "paralyzed" due to an anxiety disorder.

Robert is a business executive for a multinational corporation based out of Switzerland. He has traveled the world for them and hasn’t missed a day of work due to illness for eleven years. Until two months ago. One morning he woke up with extreme anxiety and in serious panic mode. While he had been somewhat high-strung his whole life, and had battled allergies and periodic illnesses, he had never experienced anything like this. He couldn’t go to work or travel or do any normal everyday tasks. For the first time in his life he was experiencing thoughts of suicide. So, he went to a psychologist for therapy, a psychiatrist who put him on two strong psychotropic medications, and another doctor to check if he had vertigo because he was so dizzy. He did not have vertigo and the meds made things worse, significantly increasing the suicidal ideation. He called the psychiatrist and her solution was to double the dose. Instead, because he felt like he was losing his mind, he came off the drugs. Then he went to a homeopathic doctor his mother knew. He suggested Robert get blood work done. Think about it. He had been to two different MD’s (the psychiatrist and the vertigo doctor) but neither fully examined him physically or suggested to have his blood tested. However, the homeopath did. It was discovered that Robert had extreme mononucleosis, Epstein-Barr virus, parvo virus, his liver was functioning at about a 10% rate, herpes 2, his spleen was enlarged and his cholesterol levels were all out of whack. Other than that, he was in great shape!

He had regular checkups his whole life, including last year, but this all went undetected until his body shutdown, communicating it was in major distress. Folks, listen to your body!

Then another holistic doctor got involved, reviewed his blood work and put him on a strict regimen of diet and supplements. That was two weeks ago. He is now doing much better. Still, not able to return to work, he is well on his way to recovery. The doctor said it could take three months for him to start feeling consistently better and two years before he is fully recovered. But he is on the road.

The point of the story is that there is almost always a solution to whatever dilemma one is encountering. But who would have thought that all those “physical” issues were impacting Robert’s nervous system to such an extent that it caused his brain to scream out in “fight or flight” mode manifesting in anxiety, panic and depression?!!!

If you’re struggling in any area, don’t stop looking for answers. Don’t accept the status quo or conventional wisdom. Research it, talk with people who may have experienced similar circumstances, Google that stuff or reach out to Accent’s Life Coach - all great resources!

Most of the time, a solution can be arrived at. But ya gotta start the journey!
There is almost always a solution to most challenges.
Sometimes, though, it has to be built brick-by-brick.
A World Full of Smiles

When storm clouds roll in
Raining down on your parade
Just shake it off like a shaggy dog
Don't sit like a frog on a log
Lift your head up high to Mister Storm
Drive him away with your glowing smile.

When the darkness comes rolling in
Cloaking all you see in a hazy fog
Can't see where your going on the path
Let your light be your guide
To get you through the mist.

When your feeling down in the dumps
Got yourself stuck in a slump
I'll be there to pick you
To get you back on your feet.

Keep your chin up, kid
You got so much potential
You got stories to be written
You got a whole life ahead of you
You just gotta keep holding on
Keep your eyes straight ahead.

The world may seem scary
At times life can be unfair
But we can't let despair
Get the best of us.

Keep your spirit strong
Hold your dreams tight
Courage packed in your heart
Eyes glistening with hope.

You got the power
The magic to make miracles
Turn impossibles into possibles
To make the world a better place.

Be the solution
Be the revolution
Be the resolution
Be the evolution.

You'll be the ones
To turn frowns to smiles
In a world full of woes
Your light will make it glow
To bring what was once lost
Back to the surface again.

You'll be the one
To venture forth
Restore the world
A smile at a time.
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