It's almost time to book your Hotel Room!

Hotel Reservations OPENING UP SOON on Nov. 30th  for the Embassy Suites & Marriott Waterside in Tampa.  Hotel rooms in 2017 sold out in 24 hours, so be ready! The fun begins before the ship sails. Make 50 new friends before you even get on the cruise. We'll be posting the direct hotel link on our hotels page from our website just days before the opening date but it won't be live until Oct. 30. The link will save you $$$. Lots to do and see around these hotels and there will be more events planned coming soon. Look over the hotel of your choice and compare what's included.   There is a 1 day room cancellation cost penalty for cancellations .   We had to do this due to so many were holding several rooms with no penalty...hoping their friends were coming, then at the last minute cancelling and leaving our passengers to book somewhere else blocks away from our group.

Hotel Renovations:   They are both brand new inside. $50 million spent between these 2 hotels this year. Both have renovated practically the entire hotel, restaurants, bars, lounge areas, check- in area, rooms, carpet...even the rental car area and Starbucks. Nothing was missed. Pictures coming soon.

Tampa Marriott Waterside:   All rooms have been completed and they are now working on the ground floor lobby, restaurant and Starbucks. Renovations are slated to be finished before the end of this year 2018. This hotel even renovated the outside bar area.  We'll post the finished pictures on our hotel site when finished. It's very upscale!

Embassy Suites:   Gone in the main lobby is the shallow pool area and now there is more seating for socializing...which we really needed. Just like the Marriott, all new inside from bars to rooms. The plus here is they include a FREE breakfast buffet and 2 hour happy hour drinks with snacks each day.
February 1st - Next Payment Due Date

Just a reminder that your next payment is due on or before February 1, 2019.  CONGRATS to those who are already Paid Off In Full and have been entered in to our Early Bird Drawing!!!  You too can still get into this drawing as long as you pay your balance off in full before Feb 1st.  You're gonna pay your cabin off why not get in the drawing and have the chance to win the price of their cabin up to $5000 in Cash on the 1st night of the cruise!!!
T-Shirts & Merchandise

We are on a slight delay as our t-shirt guy that was doing the shirts was in North Carolina. Hurricane Florence has apparently for now...put him out of business. We are regrouping. Hope to have them ready by early March of 2019.  We appreciate your patience.
Travel Insurance

If you haven't yet, it would be a good idea to check out travel insurance. Cruise is still over 1 year away and it's leaving pretty much the 1 st week of December. So unlike our past cruises, Northern states could be more affected by weather in your travel to get to the ship. The insurance also pays for airfare, accidents, lost luggage, cruise price, hotels...pretty much whatever you want to include. You can add airfare, etc, later if you want.  If you book it, please let us know by e-mail so we can support you if the insurance company has questions.

Excursions and Drink Packages

Of course we always have those. We'll be negotiating prices in just a few months. All RCCL booked excursions will be exclusively with our group and not to worry...we won't run out of drinks on the ship like our very 1 st   HSR cruise in 2003. We'll also begin price negations with the on-shore party locations in late spring.
There is still time to get your 
friends & family onboard!
Remember, if you get someone to book a get entered into our Virgin Bounty Drawing for $2000 Cash given away the 1st night of the cruise.  Just make sure that they put your name down under the comments section as their referral within 30 days of their booking.