Dear guests and friends,
Spring is almost here and we are feeling optimistic about the future. More and more of us are getting vaccinated. By May 1 vaccinations will be open to all adults, and, according to Pres. Biden, if we are vigilant the 4th of July could mark our independence from this virus.

Massachusetts is gradually reducing restrictions on restaurants and other businesses as the Covid numbers decrease. Now might be a good time to plan a trip, whether to visit your children, parents, or friends, or to vacation in this beautiful city.

We have re-arranged our guest rooms a bit --- each now includes a dining space --- but the new arrangements in most cases have not detracted, but rather enhanced the coziness of the rooms. And, though there are now separate small tables, you can still dine safely in the dining room and socialize with us and other guests. Even now the Morrison House and the Davis Square Inn are places of congeniality and community.
Susan at the Davis Square Inn has been fully vaccinated and is doing well. She misses having a houseful of guests every day. Linde and I are enjoying the guests we do see and are also doing a little redecorating and touching up while the inns aren't so busy. Kaetzle the DSI cat is slowing down in her old age but still greets guests, and Lydia the Morrison House kitten is still waiting to fully realize her role as furry social director.
Long-term Stays
If you are interested in a stay of 2 weeks, a month, or more, please email or phone us to discuss prices and availability. 617-627-9670.
Looking forward to seeing all of you sometime soon,

Sincerely, Ron, Linde, and Susan