Dear guests and friends,
Spring is almost here and we are feeling optimistic about the future. More and more of us are getting vaccinated. By May 1 vaccinations will be open to all adults, and, according to Pres. Biden, if we are vigilant the 4th of July could mark our independence from this virus.

Massachusetts is gradually reducing restrictions on restaurants and other businesses (as is Connecticut and New York) as the Covid numbers decrease. Now might be a good time to plan a trip, whether to visit your children, parents, or friends, or to vacation in the beautiful southern Berkshires.

Cultural opportunities will resume slowly as the situation dictates, but outdoor activities ideal for spring and summer --- hiking, biking, and strolling through gardens --- will be as available as always.

Though we have altered procedures a bit due to Covid, you can still socialize from a distance with us and with your fellow guests. The Sheffield 1802 House remains a place of congeniality and community.
Long Term Stays

If you are interested in a stay of 2 weeks, a month, or more, please email or phone us to discuss prices and availability. 413-248-1145,

Coming Soon

We are installing a level 2, 48 amp EV charger. You will be able to charge your electric car for free while you sleep. Check the website for progress.
Looking forward to seeing all of you sometime soon,

Sincerely, Paul and Gail, Innkeepers, 413-248-1145