Aloha, Mana, Pono and Ohana
Hawaiian words of power

Aloha, Mana, Pono and Ohana are words of true power. Power coming from connection and oneness with our self, our family and the earth. Each one leads to the next.

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Words of true power; Aloha, Mana, Pono and Ohana
Aloha: Is graciousness, warmth and love. It is our way of life in Hawaii. Aloha is infused in how we greet each other; live, work, surf, cook and raise our children.

Mana: Means power, but not wealth or possessions. It is similar to the Chinese word Chi for our personal energy. We can gather mana or deplete it with our every day actions and by our words.

Pono: Is a sense of doing what is right, treating others, ourselves and the environment well.

Ohana: Ohana describes a group of people with a common bond; people in Hawaii have a community ohana, a friends ohana, even a work ohana.

When we live with aloha , we gather mana and the strength to do what is right/ pono , as we do all this we create ohana everywhere we go!

Bone broth, the delicious super food
Bone broth is a nutritional supplement, a super food packed with potent nutrition!
Bone broth also has a rich history in Ayurvedic Medicine and traditional Chinese medicine It is highly regarded as a helps support the digestive system, is a great tonic, builds the blood, supports the kidneys, offers incredible minerals, which most of us are depleted with, supports the gut, Bone broth improves skin, bone and and joint health and is anti-inflammatory. It can single highhandedly help someone heal from leaky gut syndrome.

These are some of the reasons I love Bone broth, we drink it in our family and and recommend it to the those who need it when they come to me for Ayurveda Consultation.

Learn to let go
In this 5 minute video, I teach a yoga practice, called a pranayama, to let go. Please leave a comment as to how you felt and what are you letting go of?

Graciously letting go, when life requires, is a good skill!

3 signs that it is time to let go:
  1. When we look down and our knuckles are white..resistance to life or something/someone is an indication that we are holding on.
  2. When we notice that we are justifying our point.
  3. When something, someone or a circumstance is 'going' anyway.

  • Consider that letting go isn't giving up, it is simply choosing what we have!
  • What is a life skills that you posses and are proud of?
Darci Frankel, Day Spa Consultant/owner of Hanalei Day Spa, shares her expertise in the area of Ayurvedic medicine, health and well being. Helping folks; enhance their wellness, learn about self care, heal from diseases and reach levels of enlightenment with meditation practices.
"Darci has a strong commitment to healing and transformation which she expresses through her wisdom in Ayurveda."
Deepak Chopra M.D., Author
I hope you are enjoying your summer. Reach out and be in touch, if you feel to. I'd like to hear, what are you letting go of, what life skills are you most proud of?
We look forward to seeing you next time!

With warm aloha,
Darci Frankel, Ayur, L.M.T.

"Helping people be healthy, happy, vibrant and fully self expressed."

Be connected, stay connected!