Changing dog at a time!
December 2020 - AIR Newsletter!

November 2020 Statistics:

Adoptions - 49

Intakes - 91
(Stray, Transfers, Owner Surrenders)

Animals currently in our care - 58
(these numbers change daily)

Live Release Rate - 98% (Year)

Number of Employees - 3
Happy Holidays from TEAM AIR!

Happy Holidays!

TEAM AIR is more than just a team of individuals with a shared mission of saving our island's homeless dogs, we have become a big OHANA (family). Our team is comprised of our 3 employees, committed and loving fosters, and numerous volunteers.

This past month we have been transferring a lot of dogs from Rainbow Friends Animal Sanctuary to our organization helping them with the overflow of homeless animals that they are taking in. It's a win/win situation for all of the animals! It's kept us very busy!

It truly takes a village and any little bit helps in our mission of changing the lives of dogs, one dog at a time. Your monthly or one time monetary donations help us to care for the animals in our care from vet bills and medications to grooming and supply costs. We also appreciate donations of towels that we share with our spay and neuter clinics and dog food to feed the animals within our care. Last but not least, our Amazon wishlist helps us to serve and care for our animals in ways we can't accomplish alone. It is the end of the year so please remember it's a TAX DEDUCTIBLE donation as we are a Non-Profit and our Federal ID is: 46-5495854.

We are forever grateful for all the love and support from not only our local community on Hawaii Island but also statewide and even as far as the mainland and international.

Thank you all, have a wonderful Holiday and from TEAM AIR and the animals in our care...Merry Christmas!

Daylynn Kyles
Aloha Ilio Rescue

*Not all TEAM AIR members featured.
Foster Dogs find FUREVERS!

TEAM AIR fosters are committed to finding their dogs forever homes but sometimes they become foster "fails" in the process.

For those of you who don't know, a foster fail is one that our fosters just can't give up or live without. It isn't a bad thing, our fosters gain a new family member and their foster dog remains in their loving care forever! Many, if not all of our fosters have foster failed at least once within their fostering "career" here at TEAM AIR.

We love our fosters to the ends of the earth and couldn't save as many as we do without them!

Some of our fosters are featured below with their foster "fails." If you look real close, even our president/founder (Daylynn) is featured with one of her foster "fails." When our fosters have more than one "fail," it becomes increasingly difficult to take a selfie or even picture with more than one of them.

*Disclaimer: Not all AIR fosters pictured with their foster "fails." However, we wanted to showcase how truly amazing and integral our fosters are.
Pupdate - Peek a Boo!

When you find the right K9 match, everything just falls seamless into place!

That was the case for Peek a Boo who came into AIR's care as a stray, senior citizen. We knew he needed a loving home that would also care for his health needs.

Peek a Boo's wishes for the perfect home for the holidays came true! He is now living his best life in Oahu with his new mama who accompanied him on his first plane ride.

His new mama also takes him to get cold laser therapy 4 times a week for his spine arthritis. Guess what is up next for Peek a Boo? If you said acupuncture, you are correct!

People like this, and all the adopters who adopt these homeless animals.....are OUR heroes!
Peek a Boo's first plane ride
Peek a Boo enjoying his new forever home on Oahu!
Pupdate - Rocky!

Rocky came into our care with a sad backstory and after some doozies, we found his perfect K9 match. It was truly love at first sight!

He found his forever home which also included some doggie friends. His loving family truly believe in always adopting rescues and would never leave their babies behind. They are more than dogs, they are family!

Rocky's new name is Risso because one of his doggie siblings already claimed the name Rocky. Here he is sunbathing with his friends (Bottom right).
Pupdate - Ellie

Does anyone remember that golden retriever with horrible skin who was basically almost completely bald when we got her? Look at Ellie now!

Ellie was a "foster fail" who went from being sad and miserable to happy and loved! Her loving family never gave up on her and through love and patience, Ellie has discovered how to smile again. This is just three months of love.

Foster Spotlight!
As a rescue we have grown so much but none of this growth would be possible without our fosters. Our fosters welcome AIR pups into their homes and families, show them love and find them their forever homes and families. We are forever grateful for our fosters who extend all around the island. They are passionate about changing the lives of dogs, one dog at a time, which is shown through the welcoming of a new foster every time their current foster finds their forever home.

This month, we would like to spotlight another one of our fabulous fosters on the West Side in Kona, Kristy!

Kristy Lewis is a force to be reckoned with on TEAM AIR! She is always game for a challenge, which includes our most energetic pups. Kristy fosters dogs of all ages and sizes, do you remember Chubbs? Like we said, every foster tends to fail at least once, Chubbs was Kristy's lucky "foster fail." (shown in photo)

Thank you Kristy for being an irreplaceable member of TEAM AIR and helping us on the Kona side!

Fostering Saves Lives!

Have you ever thought about fostering for Aloha Ilio?

Simply visit our website at and fill our our foster application!

We would love to welcome you onto TEAM AIR!

Thank you to our Community Supporters!

We would like to personally thank everyone for their Facebook GivingTuesday fundraisers, which were designated to Aloha Ilio. These fundraising efforts will be used to care for the animals in our care. They will help with vet bills, medications, and other lifesaving needs.

Featured below is Bruce who was able to get the help he needed to look as gorgeous as he does now through the help of so many. Our animals thank you!

Patiently waiting for their FOREVER HOMES!

Are you their special holiday wish come true?
Annabelle is a 5 year old, beautifully big, tan and white pitbull.

She is super sweet and mellow girl who would most likely love a furry friend.

Her ears are her best feature! As you can see, they naturally point in one direction. "To the left, to the left."

Are you looking for a gorgeous, bigger, low energy gal to complete your family? Look no further!

Call us to meet Annabelle!
Smoke Stack aka Smokey!
Smokey is a 2 year old, brown, terrier mix and roughly 15 pounds.

He came into AIR's care as a stray along with his 3 other siblings (Choo Choo, Thomas, and Chug).

Smokey is a lover boy who is pad trained and gets along with other dogs well. He has some energy in him but will curl up next to you once it's all expended.

Can you give Smokey a good forever home with lots of love, attention, and adventures?

Call us today to meet Smokey!

*Choo Choo and Thomas have been adopted but Chug is still AVAILABLE!
Saaya and Hope!
Saaya (brown/black) and Hope (white pit) are best friends who cannot be separated!

They need a home together as they are the perfect dynamic duo. Both are completely house trained and love to spend their days playing with each other.

Do you have an indoor/outdoor situation forever home for this bonded pair? We are looking for an amazing home with lots of love!

Call us today to make Saaya and Hope's Christmas Wish come true!!
How can you help TEAM AIR?

Help us in our efforts to achieve our mission to change the lives of our island's dogs, one dog at a time! Your generous contributions, donations and overwhelming support, enable us to be #K9matchmakers and spread awareness within our local community.

There are many ways that you can join us, get involved and be an invaluable member of TEAM AIR. From volunteering as dog walkers to fostering to making donations to help our animals, it takes a village to accomplish our mission and we can't do it all on our own.

Together, we can make a difference and save more animals everyday!

Currently we have only three paid employees within our organization so you can rest assured, as always, your donations DO COUNT more towards our animals care. We purposely try to keep our overhead low for this very reason.

Help us keep on making a difference, right here in your community!

Our Website: Aloha Ilio Rescue