November 2019
Changing dog at a time!

Happy Thanksgiving My Dog Friends!

We've done it again! We found homes for 31 more dogs this last month of October and that brings us to a total of 417 this year! We took out 48 dogs from our local shelter the month of October alone. With your help, we are saving lives together and making changes towards bettering the lives of our K9 friends!

Visit our website and see how you can join Team AIR and help us make even more changes in our community. We need volunteers, fosters, school education resource assistance, and much more. Check us out.

As always, we promise to always do what is right for the dogs in our care. We want to thank you for helping us make this all possible. Have a safe Thanksgiving!

Daylynn Kyles
President - A.I.R.
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You are my Sunshine!
My only Sunshine!
You make me happy.....
This beauty we call Sunshine is a 35lb mix breed dog who came to us emaciated with a newborn litter of pups. She has learned to trust people, play with other dogs and enjoys being inside sometimes. She is slow to warm up, but given time she is your best friend once she knows you mean her no harm. She needs another dog to keep her company and the freedom to run and play in a fenced yard. She will also let you know someone is at your gate! This beautiful soul has raised her babies, taken time to heal her body and her heart and now.....needs a place to lay her head once and for all. She needs you! Please email us at or PM us on FB to meet Sunshine! You won't be disappointed.

Foster Spotlight!
Our November spotlight is on foster mama....Aunty Donna! Donna has been fostering for years for Aloha Ilio Rescue and has been personally responsible for saving hundreds of dogs. She loves the babies most of all and is always willing to take in a litter and give them loads of love, hugs and get them healthy and happy for adoption. Without Donna, Aloha Ilio Rescue couldn't do what we do. We love her. Anyone that has adopted one of Donna's pups knows how well adjusted they are. We would like to Thank Donna for her years of dedicated volunteer work as a foster for Aloha Ilio Rescue!

Donna says:

"I foster because I care. I foster because every pup deserves a chance. I foster because I love them."
The Vet's Corner
Chewing gum. It seems harmless. We chew it all the time. But to a dog it can be so poisonous that it can cause death in less than an hour.  Xylitol is the ingredient in some sugar free gums which tricks a dog’s body into releasing high amounts of insulin, causing rapid low body sugar. This ingredient can also be found in some peanut butters and also toothpastes. So, keep the chewing gum packs somewhere your dog can’t reach them, always read the label before you give your dog a pill in some peanut butter and only use dog toothpaste for your dog.

In the event that you ever see your dog eat something poisonous, you should call the ASPCA animal poison control center hotline – (888) 426-4435. There may be a small fee but it will be worth it to save your dog’s life. More than likely they will have you give your dog 3% hydrogen peroxide to make him/her vomit up the poison, so have a bottle of it handy in your medicine cabinet. Also, I like to have a syringe at home, but you can use things like turkey basters or bulb syringes (like for babies) to get a dog to swallow liquids. Some are saying that other remedies are better than hydrogen peroxide but most Veterinarians still agree it is the best choice at home. You need to give “1 teaspoon per 5 lbs., not to exceed 3 tablespoons” (ASPCA). I learned several years into my Veterinary career that in order to get the full effect, you should shake the belly, imagining the peroxide bubbling up inside. If it doesn’t work the first time, you can repeat once.

Remember, your dog doesn’t “know better.” It only takes a brief moment for your dog to do something that can be deadly. Keep your home “dog proof” for his/her entire life.

Kris Kanani Henricks, PhD, DVM, MS
Kris serves as VP on the AIR Board of Directors
Halloween Contest Winners 2019!
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King Pin
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