May 2018
Aloha Nursing Rehab Centre
welcomes their new SilverSage In-house physician,
Dr. Frank Lemes.

Aloha Nursing Rehab Centre
45-545 Kamehameha Highway
Kaneohe, HI 96744

Tel:   (808) 247-2220   
L to R -
Darrin Schadel -
Aloha Administrator,
Dr. Frank Lemes
In-house Physician,
Amy Lee
Aloha Executive Director and
Dr. Toby Smith -
VP and CMO of SilverSage Physician Services
On behalf of SilverSage Physician Services thank you
Aloha Nursing Rehab Centre
for your gracious welcome for Dr. Lemes!
We are grateful for your continuing partnership and look forward to what we can accomplish together.

Dr. Frank Lemes
   "I feel grateful and privileged to get to work with patients at a very vulnerable time in their lives, a time of transition. Many of our patients have been well their whole lives and have suffered their first major illness or fall with significant injury…. I am also grateful to have found a new home at a facility that values quality of care so much that they are willing to employ a full-time physician to ensure that their residents get the best, most attentive care possible." states Dr. Lemes.
Hilo triathlon ( my first) with triathlete wife Mandy
Surfing on the Big Island

Teaching my sons to surf in Hilo, HI

Cheering on Mandy during the Hono half iron-man triathlon

Dr. Frank Lemes comes from Hilo HI, to Aloha Nursing Rehab Centre as the new medical director and their first In-House Physician. Dr. Lemes was born and raised in northern California, however has deep roots in the islands, being the descendant of Portuguese plantation workers who came to Kauai in the 1880's and eventually moved to Oahu. Some of the older residents may have remembered a Dr. Lemes in the past, as his grandfather Dr. Albert Lemes was a well-loved dentist in Honolulu many years ago, as well as a football star at Punahou and the University of Hawaii.
Cruz and Diego at The skate-park
T hings I am most proud of ....
15 years of marriage to my wonderful wife Mandy.
Being an active and engaged father to my three children Cruz, Diego and Isabel. 
Constantly striving to achieve balance between being a caring and dedicated physician, a supportive husband and an involved father. 
Still keeping some time and energy for the activities that I love such as surfing, stand up paddling and one man outrigger canoe paddling.  
The family wrapping up the day with some quality time at Kailua beach
Dr. Lemes’ beautiful Family-
triathlete wife, Mandy, and their three active children: Cruz, Diego, and Isabel.
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