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Join us this Sunday at
10:00am, Kaneohe Atrium #303
We are a Vibrant & Thriving Spiritual ʻOhana!
This Sunday, April 28
Sunday, April 28
Spiritual Message with Rev Geo
Aloha Sunday! ‘A‘ohe pilo uku

10am In the Sanctuary, 4/28
Join us for Aloha Sunday, April 28! We’ll examine the wisdom of those who first inhabited this land called Hawai’i. With a proverb that states that “even a small gift is appreciated.” We'll examine the cycle of giving and receiving where we live, and see that what we think and feel expands in life as an experience of prosperity. It has been said that giving and receiving are one in Truth. There are countless joyous ways to create
 a life of wonder and delight!
Join us this Sunday!  
Aloha Sunday
Special Musician: Barry Choy
Sunday, April 28, 10am
Join Us Tomorrow! In the Sanctuary
Special Musician: Barry Choy
Healing & Wholeness
Begins Tuesday, May 14, 6:30pm

Expand on universal spiritual principles to support healing, health and wholeness. 
In the Sanctuary- SEE Class with Rev Geo
5 Tuesday Nights , May 14 through June 11, 6:30-8:30pm

Explore the writings of Myrtle and Charles Fillmore, and historical and contemporary master teachers. Such principles will be presented to support students in developing a practical understanding of the theology of Myrtle and Charles as heart-centered metaphysicians. Through classic and current modalities, healing through connection
and in communion is experienced.

Join together in spiritual community to have a new experience with Healing and Wholeness!

5 Tuesdays, May 14-June 11, 6:30-8:30pm
At Silent Unity® healing always tops the list of prayer requests. 
Click HERE to receive this booklet: Return to Wholeness: Living Healed, Whole, and Healthy
in downloadable .pdf version or order
your copy by mail

Healing is a return to wholeness, a natural state of balance. As we heal ourselves, we become messengers of hope for those we love.
Empower yourself in healing. Receive this booklet with brand-new writings from Unity— Return to Wholeness: Living Healed, Whole, and Healthy
—available for you to request now.
Click HERE
With this booklet you’ll explore healing of self, healing of others, healing of mind, body, and spirit.
Thursday, May 2 at 1pm
The Book of Love & Creation
from Paul Selig
1:00pm EVERY Thursday

The Book of Love and Creation is filled with meditations, exercises, psychological insights, & affirmations. In this bold, bracing, practical, and fresh revelation, the Guides instruct how to develop
powers of intuition, clairvoyance, and inner knowing.
As a spiritual being within, you’ll grow into an increasingly capable, resilient, and confident
individual amid the demands of outer life. 
The Book of Love and Creation is an extraordinary experience in a new body of channeled wisdom, that is attracting readers from all across the world. With this second book in the first trilogy of channeled works, you’ll be invited to develop intuitive abilities and continue the program of self-development begun in the first book in the series, I Am the Word.
Join us in the Sanctuary at 1pm on Thursdays for The Book of Love and Creation Discussion Group.
All are welcome!
Every Thursday, 1pm
Bible Overview: Christian Scriptures
In-Home Study Group with Rev Geo
Saturdays, May 18 through June 15, 1:30-3:30pm
Explore the Gospels, Letters, History & other literature, commonly known as the “New Testament.” Understand, appreciate & become inspired by a Testament about Jesus. Consider the powerful faith of the first followers of The Way.
You'll be touched, moved, and inspired into a new experience with the Christian Scriptures!
Saturdays, May 18-June 15, 1:30-3:30pm
Based upon a book by highly influential author Marcus Borg. Click HERE to order your copy of the book,
Reading the Bible Again for the First Time .
Bible Overview:
Hebrew Scriptures (In-Home Study Group & SEE Class)
Call (808) 262-6731 for more information 10am-Noon
Join us for fun and fellowship! 
to learn more call  (808)262-6731
In-Home Study & SEE Class
Saturday, May 18, 10am
Experience a revelation about what is traditionally known as “the Old Testament.” Explore the effect of history and culture on producing these scriptures. Examine the community of shared purpose and value, tracing the growth of consciousness in the Hebrew Scriptures. Participate in “you” as an evolving part of that story today.
Begins Saturday, May 18, 10am
Based upon a book by highly influential author Marcus Borg. Click HERE to order your copy of the book,
Reading the Bible Again for the First Time .

God is our inexhaustible resource!
All of our needs are instantly,
constantly and bountifully met!
From every direction our abundant
good comes to us and is here, now.
Unity Windward
is supported by people just like you, acting as expressions of God's abundant bounty!
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Join us in affirmative prayer every day at Noon. Through creative thought and a statement of spiritual Truth, we realize our divine potential, and release any limitation.

God is our never-ending Supply. Our abundance of health, wealth, and blessings radiates and circulates in shimmering light. Unity Windward is brilliantly blessed in the light of infinite possibilities. Grateful beyond measure we stand!