** ELECTION 2016 **
Aloha and Welcome to a Presidential Election Year

Dear Hawaii Republican:

The 2016 campaign season has kicked off here in the islands.  Congratulations to the recently announced presidential caucus campaign leaders in Hawaii (below).

At the Hawaii Republican Assembly (HIRA) and at Hawaii Republican Action ( the 50th State's only Republican SuperPAC ), we encourage strong debate and healthy competition between all campaigns for Republican votes at the Republican Presidential Caucus on March 8th .

Once the nominating process has concluded, HIRA looks forward to Republicans uniting around our 2016 nominee.

Right now, we'd like to recognize the leaders of each campaign in Hawaii from whom you'll be hearing from over the next few weeks:
Senator Ted Cruz CAMPAIGN LEADERS: Rita Kama-Kimura. Marissa Kerns, Willes Lee
CAMPAIGN LEADER: The Prophet Nathan Paikai **
** Though neither the Trump campaign nor the Hawaii Republican Party has formally named the legally-required official leaders for Hawaii's Trump campaign publicly, HIRA just learned that the self-described Prophet Nathan Paikai (who according to his website serves as "God's mouthpiece for the Kingdom of heaven, right here on earth") is currently the top campaign official representing the Donald J. Trump for President campaign statewide.

CAMPAIGN LEADER:  Phil Hellreich


The next two months will be very exciting for Hawaii's Republicans as we prepare to choose the right nominee for Hawaii and the U.S.A.  Your participation in the March 8th Hawaii Caucus will have an impact on our party's nominating process.
Mark your calendars today.  Click HERE for more information about the Hawaii Caucus.
Good luck and best wishes from HIRA and Hawaii Republican Action to our presidential campaigns in Hawaii.  May the best candidate win then put our country back on a conservative course!




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