I invite you to join me every day at 3:17 p.m. to stop whatever you are doing and pray.
Why 3:17 p.m.? It’s a Lutheran thing. Using a 24-hour clock, the time is also known as 15:17. The year 1517 is the year of the Protestant Reformation. With all that is going on, this is a reforming time, isn’t it?
What a blessing it will be to know that we are not alone at that exact moment when we stop to pray. I encourage you to set an alarm on your phone, or ask Alexa to help! 
You can use the prayer I offer at the end of my devotion for that day, offer a prayer of your own, or the Lord’s Prayer is always a great one to use. IF you happen to be driving at the time, you have my permission to drive with your eyes open! Those around you and in the car with you will be thankful for that!