Each day as we lace up our studio shoes or put on our Zoom glasses, we are honored you choose us to help you feel better in your body. Joseph Pilates (over 100 years ago when he created this method) believed that if people felt better in their bodies they would be better humans. And as better humans, we would make the world a better place and eventually achieve world peace. Together, through Pilates, we believe we can find peace.

Joy is the excitement we feel in every session we spend with you. Thank you for trusting us with your health and so much more. We celebrate all of your unique strengths & differences and learn so much from you every single day. We cheer when you find your muscles or finally “get that exercise after all this time.” We hope you too feel joy through each success no matter how large or small as we keep moving forward, joyfully, together.

Love. This is what we get to do and share everyday. We love Pilates. We love teaching Pilates. We love that you are “our people.” We love hearing about your weekend, your new recipe successes (and flops), your adventures and everything in between. We love our corner of St. Louis Park that we call our Alota Community. We love how collectively we are able to support our neighbors through STEP. We are so lucky to be able to foster love in this community. Thank you for bringing love into our lives and so many others.

We are incredibly grateful for your support throughout this past year and beyond. We hold steadfast to our mission to encourage and inspire you on your path to optimal health and promise to meet you where you are on any given day, always.

We have the world’s most spectacular job - thanks to you!

Our core strength is you.

In the spirit of Joseph Pilates, wishing you peace, joy & love through every movement and every breath now and always.

In Good Health,

The Alota Gals

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