July 1 begins a new biennium for state personnel and it is hoped that you will join the state officers, chairmen, committee members, liaisons, and coordinators on this adventure.  I have chosen as my theme for the biennium...

  To Dream, To Dare, To Do -
empowering women educators
This theme contains the invitation to expand your thoughts and hopes for your chapter, the state and DKG International.  It invites you to attempt things that are different or new.  And it also commits us to do more than talk about or wish for different results.  We must act on those dreams and plans. Please consider, if there were zero chance of failure, what would you do for and in your chapter?
The state organization exists to assist your chapter, to be of value to members and to chapters.   We are working together to promote professional and personal growth of women educators and excellence in education.  Let our programs, our projects, our outreach, our bearing reflect that mission.  

Join me in dreaming, daring, doing . . .
and communicating about the significant, challenging,
and important roles we all have in the Society.   



The Voice

We are undertaking a revision of The Voice beginning with this issue.  It will be sent to you the first of every month sharing information of what is happening and what will be happening around the state.  It is about you, your chapters, and information that will prompt your consideration and new ideas.  It is intended to serve you, the members and the chapters, and so your input and your responses are important.  

Please contribute.

The aim is to send 
The Voice directly to every member's email.  However, we are working with an email listing from the International records that you provided data to in October, 2016.  Therefore we are sending out the newsletter  to members and are also sending to each chapter president.  The president is responsible for providing 
The Voice to any member without email and to members who do not receive the mass email.

Please help us update our membership email lists by sending the chapter name, member name and correct email address to   Editor Margaret Archangel will update the email address.  It is our hope that we will have corrected email addresses in the next few months.  

Please help us achieve that! 

Northeast Regional Conference Information
  • The entrance to the free valet parking at Caesars is a bit hidden.  The entrance is at the corner of Goyeau and Pitt Streets.  Turn there and you will be greeted by friendly and helpful staff members.


  • Bring used musical instruments and musical materials such as music, guitar strings, straps to donate to the ArtsCan Circle Foundation.  Musicians will teach youth in Canada's remote indigenous communities to play these instruments.


  • A time schedule for State Organization Photos will be in your registration bag.  Be sure to be there for the picture!


  • Patricia Cermak, Eileen McNally, and Ann Todd are program presenters at the conference.  It is great to have OH represented.   

By Diana Haskell, Treasurer
Alpha Delta State Dues Increase

Diana Haskell
Alpha Delta State Treasurer

Many chapters complete their annual budget in late summer or early fall. During the Spring Executive Board meeting a motion was initiated by a chapter president to increase member dues. This motion was discussed at length and was passed. State dues are $13.00/active member and $6.00/reserve member.

This is an increase of $3.00/active member and $1.00/reserve member.
The increase goes into effect July 1, 2017.

Below is a breakdown of International and state dues:
Active Members
  • International dues           $40.00
  • State dues                         $13.00
  • Scholarship Fee                $ 1.00 or $0.40 if the chapter has a scholarship fund
  • Total                                   $54.00 or $53.40
Reserve Members
  • International Dues          $20.00
  • State Dues                        $  6.00
  • Scholarship Fee                $  1.00 or $0.40 if the chapter has a scholarship fund
  • Total                                   $27.00 or $26.40

IRS 990-N Filing
Diana Haskell
Alpha Delta State Treasurer

Chapters are required to file IRS Form 990-N annually from July 1 through November 15. This is the second year of filing directly with the IRS.

Directions for Filing
Use the Form 990-N Electronic Filing System (e-Postcard)  User Guide  while registering for the first time and filing.
Most common problems can be avoided by following the User Guide.

Information you will need when filing Form 990-N

Form 990-N is easy to complete. You'll need only  eight items of basic information  about your organization.

Ready to file?

After you have read the information above and the User Guide, use the  Form 990-N Electronic Filing System (e-Postcard)  page to start the process.

For filing system and website issues, see  How to File: Frequently Asked Questions . If site issues are unresolved, call TE/GE Customer Accounts Services at 877-829-5500. A representative will file your Form 990-N information.
After Filing
Print a copy of the filing for your chapter records. Maintain a copy of your filing document with the permanent records of your chapter.
Send a copy of your filing document via email or US Mail to State Treasurer, Diana Haskell.
If sending via email include Chapter Name in the subject line.

Mark your Calendars
  • July 15 Deadline for submitting Form 15 (Chapter Treasurer's Annual Report)
  • November 10 Deadline for submitting dues and fees (Form18 and Form18A)
  • November 15 Deadline for filing 990-N with IRS (We suggest you do this when you submit Form 15.) You must not miss this deadline!

Highlighting Ohio's Educational Legislation
By Pamela Henney (Lambda Chapter),
Alpha Delta State Legislative/UN Liaison

Should cursive writing be a curriculum requirement?  
What options do districts have for funding technology infrastructure upgrades? In every issue of The Voice , we will be learning about the recent work of the Ohio Statehouse, its debates, newly passed legislation, and more as well as United Nations education programs and policies.  At times, we will also follow the work of the Ohio Board of Education, and other quasi-governmental entities and oversight commissions.
Naturally, this column will adhere to the DKG Neutrality Statement focusing on the highlights and encouraging our members to engage their representatives and senators in accordance with their own consciences. Crucially, as professional educators, we should be aware of the policy actions and arguments within our state, nation and world, as well as the impact such decisions and edicts could make on our daily work.

Highlights this month focus on the Ohio Statehouse journals:

  • HB  58 - requiring instruction of cursive writing, mastering legible print by the end of 3 rd grade and legible cursive writing by the end of 5th grade - House Committee on Higher Education and Workforce Development recommended for House approval - to be scheduled for full House vote.  

  • SB 133 - requiring school boards' reports of each disciplinary action for violent behavior annually to the State, also to identify the victims of violent behavior by classification (student, teacher, etc) but not by name - Still under review by Senate Education Committee.

>>Visit for more information on these bills.<<

Chapter News
Beta Nu Chapter in Cincinnati has developed a special friendship with Pramila Rai, a DKG World Fellowship Recipient pursuing graduate studies in Public Health at the University of Kentucky.  Pramila, husband Raju who is an orthopedic surgeon but unable to practice here, and 4 year old daughter Rija are from the southern part of Nepal.  This is not in the Himalayas but in a temperate climate so the cold and snow they have experienced in Lexington, KY and on a visit to New York City has been a new experience.
Daria Durkee, World Fellowship Chairman of Beta Nu, has visited with the family at UK and has hosted the family for a Cincinnati visit and a chapter meeting.  Beta Nu members and the Rai family are truly experiencing World Fellowship.

Pramila Rai, Pres. Bunny Doebling, VP Barbara Reif

Pramila Rai, Victoria Morgan of the Cincinnati Ballet, Riya Rai, Daria Durkee

Please share your chapter newsletters and news of chapter members and events.  Send to Meier Bauer:

Meet the Editor...

Hello Fellow Members, 

My name is Margaret Archangel, a 10-year-retired teacher from Mt. Healthy City Schools in the Cincinnati area. I began my teaching career in Middletown Schools following graduation from Miami.  I was a reading specialist for 18 years and finished my career in the wonderful world of 3rd grade.  As my husband says, "Everything you need to know you learn in 3rd grade," referring to all the facts I cite from our curriculum. (Of course kindergarten teachers will challenge that!)  

I am excited to begin this monthly journey with the Alpha Delta State members as I send you Meier's monthly message.  I have a little experience sending newsletters and hope that this connection brings the state together in a meaningful way.  I am a member of a DKG chapter in Cincinnati, but have recently moved to Grove City, Ohio to be near our younger daughter and her husband. 

Meier and I have worked closely on a non-profit board in Cincinnati and have a good working relationship and friendship.  She is an excellent writer and I hope that all of you will benefit from her close oversight of Alpha Delta State.

I look forward to being the "messenger" of our state news.  
Please look for this message on the

All the best to all of you,
Margaret Archangel, Editor


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Fall Executive Board Meetings at Trinity United Methodist Church, Columbus
  • October 14, 2017
  • October 20, 2018
 Alpha Delta State Conventions at Columbus Polaris Hilton
  • April 13-15, 2018
  • April 5 - 7 2019    

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