October 17 & 20,  2018

Starting Wednesday October 17 there will be no Advanced Kids Class on Wednesdays moving forward. Many of those attending have moved into the Adult Class and with lack of attendance we decided to cancel this class until further notice. 

We will be closed on Saturday October 20 due the Krav Maga Camp. Saturday classes will resume on October 27. For those that are not attending the camp, have a great weekend and we will see you next week!

October 19-21, 2018

It's finally here! Our first annual AKMB Camp will begin this Friday and we are extremely excited for this phenomenal weekend.  Plan on arriving on Friday October 19 between 4pm and 7pm to set up camp and to get acquainted with the grounds. The weather is supposed to be in the high 30's at night so be sure to bring plenty of layers including thermals, winter hats, gloves and extra blankets for your sleeping bags. Because it will be cold at night, chances are all of us will be staying in the house, but bring all your camping gear in case you decide to "rough it" and sleep outside. Karen has several beds in the house and plenty of floor space so if we don't sleep outside, we will have a huge slumber party inside. 

The address for the camp is 1756 Monument Hill Road, Castleton VT 05735. If for some reason you need to contact Karen, her cell number is 781-325-3136.  Below is a list of what to bring along with the schedule of events for the weekend. Looking forward to seeing you there!


Sleeping Bag and Pillow
Warm Blanket
Flashlight or Lantern
Thermals/Under Armour
Winter Hat, Gloves and Warm Socks
Comfortable Workout Clothes - Weather  40,s - 50,s
Bug Spray
Extra shoes in case one set gets wet or muddy
Rain Gear
Any Snacks or Bars - long training days between meals


Gun Safety
Handgun Types and Actions
Handgun Cartridges
Cartridge Malfunctions
Eye Dominance
Shooting Stance and Point of Aim
5 Shooting Fundamentals
Range Instructions
Shooting Drills


Friday Oct 19
4-7:00pm-  Arrive and Set up Camp
7-8:30pm - Knife Defense and Tourniquet Training
   8:45pm -  Dinner and Fire Pit

Saturday Oct 20 (3 Groups of 4 Rotating every 3hrs)
7-8:00am   - Breakfast
   8-11am   - #1 Shooting, #2 Stick Def, #3 Gun Def
 11-12pm   - Lunch
12-3:00pm - #1 Stick Def, #2 Gun Def, #3 Shoot
  3-6:00pm - #1 Gun Def, #2 Shoot, #3 Stick Def
     7:00pm - Dinner and Fire Pit

Sunday Oct 21
    8-9:00am - Breakfast
  9-11:30am - Long Gun Defenses
12-12:30pm - Lunch
        1:00pm - Breakdown Camp and Head Home

October 29-31,  2018

During the month of October we have been working towards our Green Stripe. Green represents growth and hopefully you chose an area or two where you felt you needed to grow. If not, we will be looking for growth in areas we feel you needed to improve. This will be our focus during our Stripe Testing at the end of this month. Stripe Testing will be held October 29-31 in your regular scheduled classes. If you have any questions about the stripe test or would like extra held leading up to the test, please speak with any one of our coaches. We would be happy to help!

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