October 31,  2018

Alpha Krav Maga Boston will be closed for all classses on Wednesday October 31 due to Halloween. We will re-open on Thursday November 1 with our regular scheduled classes.

If you ordered Halloween Candy Bags from us you can pick them up at the school on Monday and Tuesday this week.  Have a happy and safe Halloween!

October 29 - November 1,  2018

We are very excited to have our members participate in our Stripe Testing this week. This is another opportunity to get one step closer to accomplishing their goals. This month we have been working towards our Green Stripe. Green represents growth and it is great to see our members getting out of their comfort zones in order to grow.  We will be looking for this characteristic all week!

Below is the Stripe Focus for each level.   Adult and Kid's Stripe testing will be held during our regular scheduled classes starting Monday October 29 through Thursday November 1. Be sure to come to class focused and ready to work hard to earn your stripe!  

Hammer Fists - Forward, Down and Side
Forward and Backward Rolls
Headlock from the Side - Leverage on the Nose
Headlock from the Side - Rolling in
Headlock from Behind - Bar Arm

Level 1
Choke Defense - Front, Back and Side
In Close Striking - Knees
Trap and Roll
Arm Bar from Guard and Defense
Level One Fight Simulation
Body Sparring

Level 2
Safe Separation - Move, Check, Stop and Redirect
Punch Defenses off of Check and Stop
Bearhug Defenses - Front and Back
Rear Headlocks - Bar Arm and Carotid 
Free Rolling - King of Mount and Guard

Level 3
Sparring - Punch Combos, Kicks and Defenses
Kicks from ground and foot stripping
Choke Side on the Ground (2)
Gun From the Front - Left and Right Hand
Gun From Side of Head - Both

Level 4/5
Striking from Top Mount
Striking from Top and Bottom Guard
Punch Defenses and Kick off From Guard 
Scissor and Kimura Sweep
King of Mount with Light Striking
King of Guard with Light Striking
Side Mount Striking Positions

Level 6/7
Gun from Front Left and Right Hand
Gun from Side of Head in Front and Behind Ear
Gun From Side in Front of Arm
Gun From Side Behind Arms
Hostage Gun

November 8,  2018

On Thursday November 8 from 7:30pm - 9:00pm we will be hosting an introduction to our ground classes. This class will  cover why we train BJJ w/ Krav, and then an overview of how to play the "game" such as getting to ground, what is guard,  guard passes and controlling positions. If there is time, we may even show a couple of submissions. 

We have many students that are interested in our ground classes but my feel a bit uneasy about jumping right in. This intro class is a great opportunity to cover the basics so they can feel comfortable about joining the Wednesday evening and Saturday morning Ground Class.  The seminar is free of charge as we feel it is important for all students to improve their ground techniques. 

If you are interested in attending, please register via email or at the front desk.

November 9,  2018

In appreciation for all our parents and the amazing things they do for their children, we are offering them a parents' night out.  This event will take place on Friday November 9 from 5:30-8:00pm.  

All they have to do is drop their children off at our school where they will be safe and having a great time.  The children will be doing physical activities and playing games. We will provide all the food  and refreshments at no cost to our parents.  All we ask is that the parents take some time for themselves and have fun, because they deserve it!

If you would like your child to participate in the Parents' Night Out, please register at the front desk. 

Thank you again for all you do! 

choke ground
November 17,  2018
This is going to be an exciting day!  On Saturday November 17, Alpha Krav Maga Boston will be running a  "seasons change self defense"  in the colder weather. This a great opportunity to take our training outside in the environment. We will be working our gun disarms with heavier sweatshirts, collar chokes using jackets/hoodies, hockey punching and striking on the ground after slipping on ice, etc.  This class will be held at the Fellsmere Park in Malden. Class will begin at 9am and will finish at 10:30am. Please bring your boxing gloves or MMA gloves along with a back pack to carry them and dress according to the weather, we will run this class rain or shine.
 This will be the only adult class being taught on the 17th, so please try to attend!
November 16 ,  2018
Our next Adult Belt Testing will be held on December 21 and 22.  Our first Adult Bootcamp will be held on Friday November 16 from 6:30-9pm. A list of eligible testers and a complete schedule of our bootcamps will be sent out to you next week.  
Our Kids will be testing on Thursday December 20. More info to come!

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