Alpha begins January 14, 5 pm.  Mark your calendar and plan to join us.  We will begin with a meal together then watch our first Alpha video in the series.
Watch this video to learn more.
Maggy's Story_Try Alpha
Maggy's Story_Try Alpha

Christmas Escape

This Sunday at our weekend service, we will explore the events surrounding Joseph and Mary's escape to Egypt with the new born Jesus. God enters the world as a human for the first time and He is immediately hunted by those who are threatened by His presence. Jesus' birth is surrounded by the tragedy of the slaughter of innocent children in Bethlehem. The tragedy highlights again the world's desperate need for a Savior. As always, God is orchestrating events in such a way that the Messiah is placed firmly within the bigger picture of God's plan to rescue us.  Join us this Sunday as we plumb the depths of His amazing plan!  See you Sunday - Kris 

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will be taking a break for the holidays. Meetings will resume Tuesday, January 9.  We will be doing a 9-week study on the Fruit of the Spirit.

is taking a break for the holidays. Information on meetings will be announced.

Alpha: This January we will be a launching 10 week study on the foundations of Christianity. Check out the information at  and contact Pastor Kris if you are interested in serving as host, provide a meal, discussion leader and more.

The Campus Leadership Team is in the process of selecting a new individual to serve on the team as Harvey Schans has reached the end of his term.  On December 31st we will have a special meeting after the morning service to draw a name.  These are the individuals that have been identified as potential leaders to serve on the Campus Leadership Team: Alan Kaiser, Wayne Medema and Tim Goslinga.  Pray for them and pray that the Holy Spirit guides us to the individual the He has to serve on the team.

The selection for January 21 is "The Bad*** Librarians of Timbuktu" by Joshua Hammer. For the meeting on February 18, we will be reading "Small Great Things" by Jodi Piccoult.We meet at 7pm at members' homes. Talk to Jean Bosman or Kim Vanderlaan for further information.
Prayer Concerns

Bill Masselink  was  hospitalized with fluid on his lungs. He was able to return home before Christmas. Continue to pray for his healing.

An apartment fire left many homeless and in need of basic supplies this week. If you have anything to donate we will find a way to deliver the supplies.  Fernando and Alina know many of these families well if you have more questions.

Friend: Pastor Kris has a good friend from Kiwanis who was hospitalized this week with internal bleeding. Pray for his healing.

Harvey and Gail Schans' son, Josh finished radiation treatments for brain cancer on December 12! Josh goes back for a checkup in January. Continue to pray for his healing.

Jo Schans remains at Courtyard Gardens of Jupiter, 1790 Indian Creek Dr. West, Jupiter, FL 33458. Room A-109.

Gwen VanEss, Jessie Nienhouse, and Delle Slater.
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