Alpine U14-21 Comp Team - 2019 Thanksgiving Camp Update
Hello Comp Team,

This year, BSF Alpine is returning to Panorama, BC, Canada for our annual Thanksgiving Camp. We are leaving early on Monday Nov 25 th, and will be returning late Sunday, Dec 1 st. At this camp we will train Slalom and GS. We are planning on skiing 6 days.

The coaches will be Larue Seitz-Dettori, Kenny Wilson, and Roger Bay. We are planning on taking 2 vans and the trailer. Breakfast and lunch will be provided, and we will eat dinners at the resort like we did last year. The food there is actually pretty good. It is great fuel for athletes!
Some really great reasons for going to Panorama T-Camp this year:
       Panorama ski resort is very supportive of ski race training.
       The area is ONLY open to racers (no public).
       It has been a great camp for BSF Alpine in the past.
       Other Canadian teams and US teams will be there. 
       Lodging is right at the mountain.
       Ski tuning facilities in the basement.
       Up to 2 on-snow training sessions per day (This is not possible in Colorado)
        About a 5:1 athlete to coach ratio.
       Good, firm man-made snow.
       Work with the coach you will be working with this season.

At this camp we will work on:
-GS, SL technique fundamentals based on USSA guidelines.
-Tactics based on USSA guidelines.
- SL & GS drill courses.
- SL & GS full gate courses.

We will incorporate:
       Turn Shape gates
        Brushes, stubbies and tall gates

Off the hill, we will have/work on:
- Video analysis.
- Conditioning Maintenance
- Ski tuning
- Mental Skills
- Goal Setting
- Learning Styles
- Ski Technique chalk talk
- Tactics Talk
- Study halls

We will utilize video at this camp. For fundamental work, it can really help. 
We realize that you have different options with ski camps. If you are new to BSF or have a coach for this year who is, please try to attend this camp. Thanksgiving camp provides a great jump-start to the season in a focused and productive environment!

What you get: 
- 6 Days on snow (with multiple lane times available).
- BSF transportation.
- Nice Lodging at the base of the hill.
- All meals.
- 5:1 coach to athlete ratio.
- All the other things listed above.

Please bring:
- Full SL & GS training gear.
- Appropriate layers for on the mountain.
- Dryland clothes for outdoors (layers, outdoor shoes).
- Dryland clothes for indoors (non-marking shoes).
- Swimsuit (there's a big swimming pool there!)
- Ice hockey skates if you have them, Rog will bring the sticks.
- Snacks for the hill and special foods if you need them.
- Sunscreen.
- Water bottle. 
- Alarm Clock.

- Larue Seitz-Dettori  
- Roger Bay
- Kenny Wilson

Cost: $1,600.00
Registration deadline: Thursday, October 24
We can accommodate up to 17 athletes. 
Travel with minors for: parents, please complete this form for athletes under 18 years old. Travel with Minors Form

Coach contacts:
Roger -, 406-600-3885
Larue -, 406-223-0330
Kenny -, 808-345-9804
Keep track of alpine events here: