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Kentucky Flooding Disaster Relief

"To all the families, we're going to grieve with you, we're going to support you, not just today, but tomorrow and in the weeks, years to come,"

Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear

"I do believe it will end up being one of the most significant deadly floods we have had in Kentucky in a very long time," Beshear said.

The governor said there has been "massive property damage."

"Hundreds will lose their homes and this is going to be another event that will take not months, but years to recover from,"

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Eastern Kentucky

CCI staff members are currently identifying Kentucky communities most in need of support from our volunteer teams. We will likely have several volunteer facilities located in the various communities we will be serving.

CCI will begin accepting volunteers in Kentucky by the end of November 2022.


Our top priority is providing direct relief to individuals and families that have been displaced by the flooding. In addition, local community organizations, such as food banks and after school programs, struggle to meet the increased needs of their clients and constituents during these difficult times, CC International volunteer teams will help these organizations serve their constituents and get back on their feet.

Disaster Relief projects include flood clean up, debris removal, housing construction and repair, and support for local community organizations.

Environmental projects include tree planting, stream debris removal, native plant propagation, wildlife habitat restoration, storm water treatment, and parks and public lands restoration.

Community service projects include working with community-based programs that serve youth, homeless, elderly and low-income members of the community.

Puerto Rico Projects Also Need Volunteers

How We Can Help

  • Plant trees, care for growing trees, and work in tree nurseries to support the recovery of the forests
  • Complete projects in El Yunque National Forest.
  • Assist with community agriculture projects
  • Repair and improve housing 
  • Support local youth at the Boys and Girls Clubs of Puerto Rico
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