When physical therapist Andrea Praschan needs to help a patient regain mobility while minimizing stress on the body, she knows where to start: HydroWorx.

“It’s wonderful for patients who have pain when they walk or have difficulty standing or balancing for long periods of time. HydroWorx allows these individuals to do what they might not be able to do on dry land – for example, lift their leg and stand.”

The HydroWorx system is a compact, walk-in tank filled with warm water. This therapeutic treatment creates the sensation of floating, reducing pressure on sensitive joints and allowing patients to move their arms and legs with a greater range of motion. Traditional aquatic therapy has been delivering these benefits for years; now, the HydroWorx aquatic therapy chamber at Hands-On allows more patients than ever to take advantage of water’s therapeutic qualities.

“It can be very comfortable for patients, offsetting body pressure in a unique way. It works beautifully for conditions like low back pain, arthritic joints or new replacements,” explains Praschan.

In fact, the soothing water helps to support a patient’s body weight by as much as 90 percent. With a treadmill built into the floor of the tank, patients can work on many therapies, including ones to improve gait, posture and balance. The tank’s compact size – and chlorine-free water – simplify water therapy without reducing its benefits.