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mastering global expansions and complex market entries.

There was a time, not so long ago, when U.S. companies dominated the exclusive club of global companies. In less than one generation, the decline in trade barriers and the free flow of goods, service, and capital, combined with technological changes in communication, information processing and transportation have made it possible for small and medium size companies, from around the world to join the club and successfully compete globally, side-by side with global giants.

Globalization has facilitated a rapid economic growth, helping raise the world’s GDP from $50 trillion in 2000 to $80 trillion in 2018, and presenting a wealth of opportunities by creating demands for more goods and services, new technologies and innovations, and opening the door to new markets and customers.

Today, there is no such thing as a domestic market anymore. Businesses, consumers and governments are now accustomed to buying globally and looking for the best products and services worldwide. Foreign direct investments are at a record high, global sourcing is growing, and competition is heated in the pursuit of customers in emerging economies.

In this accelerated globalization trend, going global is no longer just a possibility, but it has become a necessity and even a requirement in many industries. While many companies have benefited from globalization, others have failed to successfully develop and execute global strategies. Too often, failure could have been avoided.

In this exciting, fast pace globalization craze, there is somewhat the illusion that small and large companies can successfully compete side-by-side on what seems to have become a leveled playing field. …. Read full article
Altix founds new legal entity in Strasbourg, France, which will act as European Headquarter

Altix Consulting is proud to announce the opening of its European office. Established in Strasbourg, France, home of the European Parliament and recognized as the business center of Europe, Altix Consulting SA (Société Anonyme) is based in a strategic location to support its clients grow and compete globally. 

Nested between France and Germany, in the heart of Europe’s industrial hub where 60% of the European GDP is within a five-hour drive, Consulting SA will help European companies with strategy and operation, with expansion of their European footprint, as well as will help them prepare and implement their market entry in North America. Altix Consulting SA is also uniquely positioned to help its American clients launch and grow in the Europe market.

The establishment of Altix Consulting SA is the latest expansion of Altix Consulting, offering its clients a seamless transition of its customized consulting services through its extensive global network of senior industry executives and market experts. 

We are also happy to announce that Alain Haffner has joined Altix Consulting SA as our first Partner France. Alain is a senior executive with over 23 years of experience in business administration for European based, privately owned companies, and a vast professional network across industries in Germany and in France. 

How to work effectively in the U.S.
Join us September 5th for a full day seminar

International endeavors often fail due to the mismanagement of cultural differences.

Cultural inflexibility impedes performance and affects your bottom line.

Cultural differences pose a real challenge to every internationally operating organization. 

Join us on September 5th, in Cincinnati Ohio, for a full-day seminar where you will learn about American values and understand U.S. business practices, management, work style, and communication.

In one day, we will help you overcome cultural differences, boost your confidence and gain the trust of your international colleagues, customers, and staff, so you can perform successfully in the U.S. environment.

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To register, call Anne Cappel at 513-216-8386 or email [email protected]

Altix selected to present at the 2019 Southern Automotive Conference, Nashville TN

Join us in Nashville on September 25-27 for the SAC 2019 where we will present on building and operating the factories of the future , the role of technology and automation, the role of human resources and skills transformation and the role of traditional tools and methods like lean management and operational excellence. Industry 4.0 and the IiOT are driving an unprecedent business transformation.

Are you ready to drive change in your organization? Design a wholistic and integrated roadmap to the future.
If you are in Nashville, let us know and let´s schedule some time for coffee!

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