Equitas Alumni Community Newsletter | Fall 2021
Recent Alumni Celebrations
  • Adrian O. (Class of 2026) submitted an application to QuestBridge's National College Match (a program that connects students from low-income families with leading institutions of high education and offers selected students a full ride to the college they match with). He is president of both anime and esports club!, and a member of board games and cooking club at Alliance Ted K. Tajima high school.

  • Betsy M. (Class of 2028) completed her first year of high school with all As, and is starting off her sophomore year strong at USC Ednovate Hybrid High School.

  • Christell P. (Class of 2026), a senior at Francisco Bravo Medical Magnet high school, completed an internship and research project through USC this summer and is currently applying to colleges.

  • Esmeralda T. (Class of 2029) is the Class Vice President as a freshman at Rise Kohyang High School, and participates in volleyball, soccer, and community survey.

  • Heidi S. (Class of 2029) is participating in Robot-I-Code, Arts, and Photography clubs as a freshman at USC Hybrid High School.

  • Jennifer A. (Class of 2028) finished her freshman year with all A’s and B’s, and took geometry during the summer to get ahead in math. As a sophomore, she is currently taking college courses and joined the book club at her high school Miguel Contreras Learning Complex.

  • Katherine J. (Class of 2029) and Janet C. (Class of 2029) attend Bishop Conaty-Our Lady of Loretto High School on our High School Scholarship.

  • Kinnereth V. (CSU Northridge), Leslie J. (CSU Channel Islands), and Areli S. (Vanguard University), spoke to EQ4 Middle School scholars in October discussing their college experiences and answering questions about college.

  • Lesslie C. (Class of 2029) joined dance honors society and got to perform at homecoming. She is a part of dance club, creative writing club, psychology club, girls empowerment club, and the arts and photography club at USC Ednovate Hybrid High School.

  • Steve R. (Class of 2026) attends Bishop Mora Salesian High School and Kaitlyn V. (Class of 2026) attends Bishop Conaty-Our Lady of Loretto High School on our High School Scholarship, and are both working on their college applications.
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Mentors for Equitas Alumni include attorney, entertainment executive, engineer, business leader, and more

In its second year, the Mentor Volunteer Program for Equitas Alumni has gone to new heights as we have partnered with the Pico Union Project to administer this year's program. Alumni of Equitas are matched with an adult mentor recruited by the Pico Union Project who shares similar career interests, and alumni meet with their mentors on a monthly basis to check-in, review goals and explore college pathways.

Yasmin (Class of 2027) and her mentor Kelsey have been connected through the program, and they say they have built a great friendship through the course of MVP. Kelsey makes herself available to chat at any time, and Yasmin continues to take advantage of her as a resource. They chat once a month for their formal "check-ins" through the program, and also often text multiple times a month when questions pop up. They have discussed academics, career aspirations, college, family relationships, friendships, etc. Yasmin and Kelsey worked on a resume from scratch and practiced interview questions, which set Yasmin up to get interviews for three different part time job opportunities.

Lelis (Class of 2027) and her mentor Jamila are connected through the MVP program, and say they have formed a strong connection discussing family, friends, movies, health, academic goals, college aspirations, and more. They have even increased their monthly "check-ins" to twice a month because once a month wasn't enough! Jamila has opened doors for Lelis, sharing internship opportunities and exploring how interests and passions can become careers. Lelis will be volunteering together with Jamila at her place of work for a letter writing campaign, as well as collaborating on a small zine project for tenant's rights with an organization called CARACOL.

The Mentor Volunteer Program will enter its third year in 2022, and is expected to be the best year yet. All alumni are invited to participate -- keep an eye out for applications that will be distributed in the new year.
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We are now accepting nominations for the Commitment to Community Award. Alumni, share the nomination form with a teacher, counselor, or community member. Winners are recognized for their leadership and dedication to their school, community, and neighborhood. The deadline to nominate is December 6th.
Calling all members of the Class of 2029! The Freshman Transition Survey is live, and we want to hear from you. Please complete this brief survey.
Comunidad means community, a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common. Equitas aims to foster a feeling of fellowship with others in order to embark on a collective effort toward disrupting injustices. Visit our Comunidad hub, which features ongoing, youth-led efforts & resources for all to engage with.
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