The August Alumni Connection
The Alumni Connection - Nate Longfellow
The passion for helping others through his work at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital stems from the expectation of excellence Vanguard put into Nate’s mind.

Nate Longfellow graduated from Vanguard in 2005 and went on to Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas. He began working at a TV News Consulting and then moved to a non-profit the following year.

He is now a part of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society while working for the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee.

Alumni Giving Back!
Vanguard kicked off the school year last week! The theme of the year is BE!
Thank you Alumni, Jed Cole (2009) and Callie Hyde (2013) for speaking to our faculty and staff around this theme and what Vanguard taught you how to BE!
Jed Cole recently moved back to Waco after finishing his Masters at Harvard and Stanford. Callie Hyde is in her third year at Georgetown Law School.
Evan Mastin (2017)
Evan presented to our students his summer research with Dr. Darrin Bellert at Baylor University. This presentation covered a technique created by Dr. Bellert where reaction kinetics and dynamics using the single photon initiated dissociative rearrangement reaction (SPIDRR) can be used to directly measure microcanonical kinetics for transition metal mediated catalysis of organic molecules. 
Thank you Dietz Financial!

Bill and Elizabeth Dietz (1989) sponsored our Vanguard Stock Market Club last year.

Dietz Financial donated the earnings back to Vanguard!

Joe Schwartz (2014) came back to speak to our 7th grade Focus Class about perseverance and the value of an education and being at a small school.

Joe is finishing his Masters in Sports Management at The University of Texas. He played basketball for UT and graduated with a Degree in Corporate Communications.

Bryan (1998) and Amy (Dorsey) (2001) Klimt
came to visit Vanguard while in
town from California with their son.
Bryan and Amy met at Vanguard.

Bryan is a Senior Software Engineer with Google.

Alumni News
Scott Silver (2002) has a new movie coming out soon.

Mr. Livingstone is in the news!

Click here to read this recent

Brothers, J ackson Wren (2010)
and Eric Wren (2010)

Nightlight Donuts advocates for a new dessert option.

Click here to read more about their new company - Nightlight Donuts!

Waco city councilman Jim Holmes and son, Spencer Holmes (2006), embarked on a jet ski journey for good cause.

Thank you Waco Friends of Peace/Climate who donated our new water refilling station. They who strongly encourage Waco citizens to reduce plastic waste and use in order to protect our environment!

Help Vanguard become a greener campus by using reusable water bottles! We are selling two types of reusable bottles, a 36 oz blu plastic bottle for $10, and a 32 oz black insulated bottle for $23.

All proceeds from the bottles will go towards purchasing and installing the second refilling station in the gym.

Click  HERE  to order online 



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MARCH 25, 2019 - Viking Crew Golf Tournament
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Brazos Higher Education opportunity
Brazos Higher Education and Vanguard have teamed up to provide Alumni and Parents with two new college student loan programs through .
If you need to refinance your existing college student loan or need funding for your child who is attending college, click the links below to find out how you can save.
Brazos, a Waco non-profit, provides transparent pricing, low rates and zero fees.
For more information, they have a detailed  Refinance Guide  and a  Parent Loan Guide  for in-school college students.