Alumni Lance
October 26, 2017
Passing the Baton: A Special Message from Tim Visser
" Relay races are some of the most exciting events in track. The race is pretty simple with four individuals working together to get their baton around the track as fast as possible. The challenge is that the baton needs to be passed three times, these exchanges can only take place within a 20 meter zone, and the key is to never let the baton slow down during the exchange. Teams can enter the zone in first place and come out in last place because a runner started too early or too late or dropped the baton in the chaos that can exist within an exchange zone. An individual can run a great leg of a relay, but it will all go to pieces if they do not properly manage the baton exchange with their teammate."

Save the Date: Homecoming Weekend 2017

Join us as we continue celebrating our 65th Anniversary during Homecoming Weekend, December 14-18. We'll have our annual Christmas Concert on Thursday night and boys and girls basketball at home on Monday night. It's a great chance to connect with friends old and new. Hope to see you there!
Featured Alumni: Jessica Hoogerhyde
I attended SCS from preschool through 12th grade. After graduating I attended Whitworth University in Spokane, WA to pursue a degree in Health Science. During my time at Whitworth I found myself surrounded by a strong faith-based community, much like the one I found at SCS.

My time at SCS shaped me in many ways, but there are several things I have taken away that stick out far more than the rest. While my time at SCS allowed me to understand the importance of community and building relationships with others, one of my biggest takeaways from SCS has been the idea of our work being our worship. This idea was essential in shaping my time at Whitworth. For me, I was able to find that the hours I spent studying in the library, the days I spent directing sports camps, and the many conversations I had about faith and life over countless cups of coffee were some form of worship. My time at SCS has allowed me to see that my work can glorify God, and has motivated me to glorify God in everything I say and do.

This past spring I graduated from Whitworth University with a Bachelor of Arts in Health Science and minors in Psychology and in Theology and Gender. This fall, I started as the Head Varsity Volleyball Coach at SCS. I could not be more excited to come back to SCS and embrace a new role in this community. As I coach I know that this work is a form of worship, and I pray that this idea is something I will be able to help impart on my team.
Jessica (far left) and the 2017 Varsity Girls Volleyball Team
Featured Alumni Stories
´╗┐Each month we like to feature an Alumni in our newsletter. This is a great way for alumni to reconnect. We would love to hear from you about where you are and what you are doing now. 
Class Reunions
Is your class planning a reunion? We'd love to see you back on campus.  Let us know your plans.
2017 All School Open House
Our annual all school open house is coming up on Thursday, November 2nd at 6pm. Have friends with school aged kids? Are you kids school aged? This would be a great time to bring them back to SCS and show off your school!

Memorial Garden Plaques
We created a physical space for stories - past and present - a memorial garden. 

Now we need stories! You can tell your story on a plaque that will be attached to the faces of the benches.  Learn more here .