Professional Pharmacy Fraternity
As I write this, I have just returned from the Grand Council interim meeting. We had two very busy days, discussing Fraternity business, planning for convention and doing strategic planning.

I'm really excited about the future of the Fraternity. Although membership numbers seem to have leveled out, we still continue to be the leading choice for women in pharmacy. Our message and our vision continue to impress current pharmacy students, continuing the vision of Ethel J Heath, over 100 years ago!

I'm anxiously anticipating our Annual Convention in Buffalo, New York in July 2018. Be sure to watch for the official convention announcement and registration -- this is a convention that you will not want to miss. (hint: Niagara Falls)


Our rebranding efforts continue to be noticed and have been enthusiastically received by the membership. The new lamb logo, as well as the mortar and pestle logo, continue to be very popular. Stickers with these logos were available to sisters who stopped by the booth at the ASHP Midyear Meeting exhibit hall. By the third day, the stickers were all gone! Don't dismay if you weren't there, or if we had run out. You can purchase these through our website. LKS Managing Director, Amy, assures me that we have plenty and that they can ship quickly! I've seen them on computers and cell phones.... they are just the right size for so many uses.  Additionally, if you will be at the APhA meeting, we will have more at the booth there! 


Even though the dues deadline was last fall, I often get questions about renewing your membership. Dues payments are accepted at any time, and there are never any back dues or penalties for missing the deadline or not renewing for a period of time. Once a Lamb, always a Lamb -- and you can renew your membership without a problem.


Wishing you a very pleasant spring ahead -- it's a beautiful time of the year! 


Chris Grass
Grand Vice President for Alumni
Service to Lambda Kappa Sigma -- jump on in! Apply to be a Region Supervisor!

One of the most fun ways to serve Lambda Kappa Sigma is by becoming a Region Supervisor. These alumni members are our direct link to our chapters and their schools. They are probably our most public face of the Fraternity!

If you have ever thought about becoming a Region Supervisor, now is the time! Applications are being accepted now through April 30th. Notification of selection will be May 15th.

Any member who will have graduated in the spring of 2018 or before can apply. You must also be a dues paid member, be willing to commit to a two year term and be willing to travel for chapter visits.

I can tell you that this was one of the most enjoyable ways that I found to be active in the Fraternity. I was able to meet sisters from all over the US, visit the campuses of many different pharmacy schools, meet administrators and advisors, have some fun and serve LKS, all at the same time! Additionally, if you think that Grand Council service may be in your future, this is a fantastic way to become acquainted with the governance of LKS and learn more about our operations.

We are looking forward to hearing from you! A link to the application can be found here.
Ewe Can Shop!

Returning for our 7th consecutive year is our Lamb marketplace, known as Ewe Can Shop! Sisters LOVE this event -- it's where chapters share items for sale and share fundraising ideas as well.

We often have sisters who are small business owners showcase those products with us as well. Occasionally, and depending on space available, we have outside vendors to offer their goodies too. As a reminder, Lamb-owned businesses are always given preference for available space.

Information will be available soon -- if you would like to participate as a vendor, be thinking about it now! Convention will be here before you know it.

Convention 2018 --
Buffalo, New York
Lambs will gather in Buffalo, New York, July 25-28, 2018, for our Annual Convention! Alpha Theta and Beta Alpha Chapters will be our hosts--and they are looking forward to greeting us to their wonderful city!

Once again, the Convention promises something for everyone -- networking, continuing education, fraternity business, great meals and FUN, too!

Many sisters tell me that once they have been to Convention, they can hardly wait for the next one. I often think that if we could get all of our collegiates to experience Convention, every summer there would be a shortage of pharmacists left to run the pharmacies of the US! Everyone would want to be there!

How can YOU assist in getting a sister to Convention? Does your alumni chapter offer a scholarship or some other financial assistance to the collegiate chapter? Have you ever personally sponsored a sister to attend Convention? Your gift may make just the difference!

Also, we are always happy to accept donations for Convention! They can be in-kind gifts, such as goodies for the convention bags and table favors, or sponsorship of an event or cash donations. Your gift will be acknowledged in the Convention program and you'll be loved by many!

I'm looking forward to seeing YOU at convention! Buffalo - Be There!!

Collegiate of the Year Award 

Every year at Convention, we honor several of our alumni members with official Fraternity awards. It's very exciting and a huge honor to receive one of these awards.

Over the years, our collegiates have asked about developing an award for an outstanding student member. We have had a committee working at developing criteria, and we are excited to announce that the Collegiate of the Year award is finally active!

Any collegiate or alumni member can nominate a sister for this award. The collegiate must be a dues paid member and needs to consent to being nominated. Additionally, if they are being nominated by another collegiate, an alumni or advisor must sponsor this nomination as well. The nominee must also provide a curriculum vitae, which will accompany the nomination as well.

The deadline for nominations is April 30, 2018. You can find a link to the nomination form here.

Please consider nominating an outstanding collegiate today - we're very excited about this new award!
The Educational Trust Needs YOU!

The Educational Trust is held in high esteem within Lambda Kappa Sigma. Through the generosity of sisters like you, the Trust continues to grow and to further its mission of granting scholarships to LKS sisters.

Each year at Convention, the Trust Liaison Committee plans an event to celebrate and support the Trust. There's always fun and sisterhood, sometimes a bit of rivalry (during the auction) and always an outstanding result for the Trust.

Your donations can help! If you can donate an item for the Trust Auction, hold a chapter fundraiser, assist the Trust Liaison Committee members with the auction, make a cash donation or just be a promoter for the event, your assistance is appreciated with gratitude!

Be watching your e-mail for further announcements regarding the Trust. If you are thinking about holding a fund raiser to benefit the Trust, now is the time. Maybe you have already held a Trust event -- and if you have, thanks!

Social Media, Lambs and You!

You have got to admit that social media certainly has changed the way that we communicate! As Grand Council members, this is something we have recognized and taken note of. A social media policy and procedure has even been developed, so that chapters and members have guidelines in place for responsible use of social media when it comes to Fraternity matters.

We are using new and exciting ways of communicating with our members, as well as finding ways to take care of the business of the Fraternity. It's hard to believe that almost everything used to be mailed, typed, handwritten or filed in boxes. How many of you can remember the numerous color-coded cards that we used to fill out for all of our officers? Now, information about our members, dues payments and registrations are accomplished with a few simple clicks. Almost hard to believe, isn't it? Although I didn't grow up with computers, as have many of our newest sisters, I'm learning to embrace them and appreciate the countless ways that they have improved our lives.

As pharmacists, there are numerous opportunities to interact in social media groups. Besides our LKS pages and groups, I have also recently discovered groups for pharmacist moms, overnight pharmacists, state pharmacy associations, college and university alumni groups, satirical pages (yes, we even poke fun at ourselves) and more. There's so much good information to share in these groups, but beware of hurtful information as well. As pharmacists, we are trained to examine and evaluate medical literature -- so put that same process to use when you get involved with social media.
What's New with Ewe? 

Rebekah Friesz (Alpha Zeta Alumni) will be completing a PGY2 Residency in Eugene, Oregon, during an ambulatory care residency with the VA. She's currently in Roseburg, Oregon, and loves it there, but says that she will be very happy to be in a town with restaurants that are open past 9 PM! Congratulations! (that's Rebekah on the right, during a residency showcase)

Dixie Leikach (Epsilon Alumni) was recognized by the American College of Apothecaries for her work with her non-profit organization, PEER (Pharmacy Ethics, Education and Resources) to promote pharmacy ethics. You can also follow Dixie on her PEER Facebook page. We have been privileged to have Dixie speak about pharmacy ethics at one of our recent LKS conventions! Dixie and Neil (LKS Patron) were also honored with the Excellence in Innovation Award by the Maryland Pharmacists Association, NASPA and Upsher-Smith.

Nicole Pezzino (Alpha Phi Alumni) was named an NACDS Scholar, a program which fosters vital pharmacy-based patient care research among faculty at US schools and colleges of pharmacy. What an honor! Nicole also received the "Ten Under Ten Award" at Wilkes University. Congratulations on your well deserved honors!

Shauna Richardson (Alpha Zeta alumni)
announced an increase in her family size! Elsie Joy was born December 20, 2017. Elsie was 8 pounds, 10 ounces and 20.5 inches long. What a Christmas present!


Elicia DeParolesa (Alpha alumni) and husband Chris welcomed baby Cameron Charles Christopher on Christmas Day, 2017 , weighing 7 pounds, 14 ounces and measuring 20 inches long. They left church on Christmas Eve and headed to the hospital.... and their Christmas present arrived a few hours later!

Stephanie Alvarez (Alpha Pi Alumni) and family
welcomed Zander Jay Alvarez on December 4, 2017. He weighed in at 7 pounds, 11 ounces. The family is blessed and thankful for his safe arrival and the wonderful staff at NSU! Stephanie says that this little man stole her heart the moment that she heard his!

Tiffany Self Vicars (Alpha Nu Alumni) was named as Clinical Team Member of the Year for PCA Louisville Pharmacy. She was voted on by her fellow team members, so this is quite an honor from her peers. Tiffany also has other really big news..... in April, there will be an addition to the Vicars team! We look forward to the news.


Nicole Lombardo (Alpha Zeta Alumni, Grand Vice President for Development) was named as the Diabetic Programs Coordinator for Dierberg's Pharmacies in St Louis, Missouri. Congratulations!

Jera Tuetkin (Alpha Zeta alumni) is now a Board Certified Critical Care Pharmacist. Way to go, Jera!

Christine Hoegner Brown (Nu Alumni) has issued mandatory Big Brother Training to her sons, to be completed by August 2018. Let us know when the new addition to your family arrives!

Stefanie Ferreri (Alpha Beta alumni) is this year's recipient of the APhA- American Pharmacists Association APPM practice award. She will receive this award at the Annual Meeting in Nashville in March. If you are going to be at this meeting, be sure to stop by to congratulate her! We are honored to have such a talented sister as Stefanie as a member of Lambda Kappa Sigma!

Kara Feldhake (Alpha Zeta Alumni) is engaged to Tim Janiak. The wedding is planned for October 5, 2018. We are so very excited for both of you!

Kelsey Hutchinson (Alpha Beta alumni)
recently received a really cool birthday present -- how cool is this LKS quilt?!

Jan Engle (Gamma alumni)
can often be found traveling the globe on behalf of pharmacy. This trip takes her to Dubai, UAE, for DUPHAT, the largest pharmacy conference in the Middle East.Pretty soon, we won't be asking where in the world is Carmen Sandiego -- she will be replaced by Jan!

Krista Bower (Alpha Phi alumni) became engaged to Thom Swank. He asked, she said yes! Congratulations!

Sarah Fuchs (Alpha Zeta alumni) recently ran in the Princess Half Marathon. Gee, how much fun was this?!

Creaque Charles (Alpha Sigma Alumni) has announced that after 17 years of practicing pharmacy in a hospital setting, she is beginning a new role as Assistant Professor of Pharmacy Practice at Texas Southern University. Best wishes in your new role!

Kara Shirley (Xi alumni) was appointed to the Oregon Health Authority Mental Health Clinical advisory group. Congratulations!

Robin Bogner (Alpha Beta Alumni) was on the road (and skies) again, this time on a trip to China. Robin tells us that she learned so much while there!

Ashley Robold (Alpha Phi) recently became engaged to Peter Rauchet! The wedding is planned for October 12, 2019! How exciting!

Sara Aja (Alpha Iota alumni) and her husband Nick, welcomed baby Evy on February 2, 2018 at 10:28AM, weighing in at 7 pounds, 2 ounces and 20.5 inches long. Congratulations!

Erin Sweet (Alpha Zeta alumni) became engaged to Casey Niehaus in December 2017. He asked, she cried and said yes!

I love to be able to feature news about sisters in our newsletter. Many people tell me this is one of the most enjoyable parts of the news, especially when there are pictures!

If something has happened to you, big or small, please let me know. New job? New home? A baby? Engagement? Something serious? Something funny? Send it to me! Send a picture too, if you can. You can send it to

I am looking forward to hearing from you!
APhA Meeting 2018  

The APhA Annual Meeting will be held in Nashville, Tennessee from March 16 to 19, 2018. Once again, LKS will have a booth in the Exhibit Hall. Last spring, we expanded to a double booth space, allowing more room for sisters to stop by, chat, and visit. It worked so well, that we are doing it again!

Grand Council officers, as well as Headquarters staff, will be in attendance at the booth (booth #446). We would LOVE for you to stop by for a visit. A special gift, featuring one of our new logos, is yours when you visit. We are all very excited about our new look. If you haven't visited the website for a while, please be sure to give it a look! You'll love it!

See EWE in Nashville in March!
This is Interesting!

Way back in pharmacy school, in a galaxy far, far away..... well, not quite that long ago, I took an elective called Animal Health Pharmacy. We lovingly called it "Hogs and Dogs". It was taught by a veterinarian and turned out to be one of the most interesting electives I had ever taken

As pharmacists,we get asked some interesting (and even embarrassing) questions. These questions aren't always about humans, either!

I recently came across this information. You might find it useful in your practice, especially if you practice in a rural area, or even for your own four-legged family member.

Spring 2018 
It's never too late to renew your membership in LKS!

November 1st was
the deadline for paying alumni dues. 

If you've already paid, thank you! 

If you have any difficulty making your dues payment, just call 1-262-682-4362 (Monday through Thursday) and our wonderful staff can assist you.

Thanks to your loyalty and support, Lambda Kappa Sigma continues to thrive as the first (and best!) professional fraternity supporting women in pharmacy. 

With more than 25,000 initiated "lambs", our beloved fraternity remains dedicated to providing lifelong opportunities to all members through professional excellence and personal growth. 

Your continued support allows us to provide amazing opportunities not only to you but to the women following in your professional footsteps!.

If you haven't already done so, we encourage you to renew your commitment to LKS today. 

In addition, your donation to Campaign for Progress (which can be made at the same time as your membership renewal) provides support for a targeted need for Fraternity growth and development.

Shop Amazon... 
Help the Trust!


Are you an Amazon shopper? If so, your purchases can help the Lambda Kappa Sigma Educational Trust!

AmazonSmile is a website operated by Amazon that lets customers enjoy the same wide selection of products, low prices and convenient shopping features as

But through AmazonSmile, the AmazonSmile Foundation will donate 0.5% of the price of eligible purchases to charitable organizations such as the LKS Educational Trust.

So far, my personal purchases have earned $1.34 for the Trust. Sounds small, but if we all participate, this can really add up!

Start shopping AmazonSmile now...and start making a difference for the LKS
Educational Trust!

Chapter Reports Are Now Online!

The collegiate and alumni chapter reports that used to be printed in the Blue & Gold Triangle can now be found online.

Read up on what the chapters are up to!

These reports are available to all members, even if you were not able to attend convention.
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