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NUIT BLAnche at ocad university

gather at ocad university oct 5th 6:51pm

Talent Network

This October 5th OCAD University is once again a must-see location for those wandering the city during Scotiabank's Nuit Blanche.

In Butterfield Park and 100 McCaul street visitors interact with exhibits both indoors and outdoors. The series of projects is great!

Curated by Marissa Neave (BFA, 2010) GATHER includes work by:
Marc de Pape (MDes, 2013)
Annyen Lam (BFA, 2012)
and OCAD U faculty member Shannon Gerard.

Learn more details about this awesome event and be sure to come to GATHER at OCAD U!

!!! ocad U alumni at nuit blanche !!!

list of participating alumni in 2013 SNB
Talent Network

As Nuit Blanche approaches and you're trying to decide which projects to go see, why not let Alumni Relations help you decide?

We've compiled a list of great projects that will keep you busy from dusk until dawn.

The best part about this handy-dandy list is that it includes all Nuit Blanche projects that feature OCA/OCAD/OCAD University alumni AND it is organized by map # in accordance with the Scotiabank Nuit Blanche program/map!!!

* list includes current OCAD University faculty members and OCAD U Alumni:

#4: The Little People, 2013 (Bonnie Devine, Mike Dudek, Martina Hwang, Paul Kawai, Gwen Macgregor, Lewis Nicholson, Lena Rubisova, Elliot Vredenburg, Emma Wright)
#33: Take a Penny (Marian Wihak)
#34: Mariner 9, 2012 (Kelly Richardson)
#35: Convergence-South (Rae Johnson)
#39: Gather (Marc de Pape, Annyen Lam, Shannon Gerard)
#41: Fight or fight, 2013 (Peter Flemming) #48: Howl, 2013 (Robert Hengeveld)
#62: Thrilling Night Cinema!! (William Andrew Finlay Stewart, Adrienne Crossman, Graeme Maitland)
#65: BUILT FOR ART presents Practice Practice (Kalyna Pidwerbesky - Studio 209), (Janine Lindgren, Olga Battaglia, Kimberley Whitchurch - Studio 217), (Camille Turner - WARC Gallery), (David Blackwood - Abbozzo Gallery), (George Walker - Open Studio), (Matt Mcintosh - Gallery 44) (Keesic Douglas, Meryl McMaster, Nigit’stil Norbert - Prefix ICA) #66: Indicator (Gareth Bate)
#67: Nui Blanc: Knock Off Merchandise Factory (Tobias Williams, Jennie Suddick)
#70: Human Sweat Generator, 2013 (Warren Quigley)
#74: Art Objects (Ma Babies) batch 3 (Paulina Wiszowata)
#77: The Somnambulist (Deborah Moss)
#83: Lightbridge (Sarah Keenlyside)
#85: SEIS SEGUNDOS DE TODO EL MUNDO (Six Seconds from Everyone) (Geoffrey Shea)
#96: The n Games (Sean Smith)
#97: 13 (David Griffin, Robin Hesse, Robin Kingsburgh, Joseph Muscat, Gwen Tooth, Keijo Tapanainen, Laird Kay, Daniel Yu)
#102: Postcards From The Future (Alex McLeod)
#105: Fly By Night (Brian Donnelly, Stephen Seguin)
#106: A Collective Nightmare (JoAnn Purcell) #111: The City of Gears (Mike Parsons)
#112: Ten Models of the Universe from the Department of Household Science and Advanced Proverbs feat. The Endless Proverb (John Shipman, Elisabeth Shipman)

The entire Downtown South/West section titled Romancing the Anthropocene was co-curated by alumna Crystal Mowry.

More details for each of the projects can be found on the OCAD University Events Calendar or Scotiabank Nuit Blanche websites.

the little people at nuit blanche

the little people by work party
Talent Network

Current OCAD University professor Gwen Macgregor shone some light onto the much-anticipated Nuit Blanche exhibit The Little People by Workparty that is sure to turn some heads this weekend.

"In 2011 in Barnaul, Russian activists unhappy with the corruption in a recent election were banned from organizing a public protest. In response they substituted kinder toys for themselves and staged a demonstration. Unfortunately the kinder toy protest was also banned by authorities who stated that inanimate playthings can’t assemble for public political gatherings.

In honour of these imaginative activists Workparty will be staging a Kinder Toy protest inside Toronto City Hall (a site legally off-limits to human protesters)."

Workparty is an evolving collective of artists and designers based in Toronto. A number of the members are OCAD U alumni and faculty members.

Participating in The Little People are:

Bonnie Devine (AOCAD, 1997)
Mike Dudek (BDes, 2010)
Martina Hwang (BDes, 2010)
Paul Kawai (BDes, 2009)
Lena Rubisova (BDes, 2012)
Elliot Vredenburg (BDes, 2012)
Emma Wright (BFA, 2006)

and current OCAD U faculty members Gwen Macgregor and Lewis Nicholson.

Information about activities and individual members can be found at workparty's site.

NEWs highlight

Alumni win big at 2013 Craft Awards!!!

award ceremony october 2nd
Talent Network

A number of OCAD University alumni were named recipients of the Ontario Crafts Council 2013 Craft Awards.

These talented folks are well on their way to establishing themselves as front-runners of the Canadian craft scene.

The full list of awards is well representated by OCAD University and among the winners are:

Annie Tung(BDes, 2007)
Fillipa Pimental(BDes, 2008)
Heba Kandil(BDes, 2013)
and current faculty member Megan Price.

On behalf of Alumni Relations, a resounding congratulations to all of you!

NEWs highlight

OCAD U alumni make Top 30 under 30

Marketing magazine
Talent Network

Alumni Relations is happy to share news that three OCAD University alumni have been named in Marketing Magazine's top 30 under 30.

Yousuf Afridi (Bdes, 2008)
Tegan Mierle (BDes, 2008)
and Hanah Smit (BDes, 2009)
all made the list and deservedly so.

A brief look at the site's profiles reveals that each holds an impressive CV and work ethic that highlights their ambitious ways. This isn't the first we've heard about these alumni and we doubt it will be the last.

Congratulations Yousuf, Tegan and Hanah!

Thanks to Yousif for sharing this great news!!!

Do you have news to share? big or small, we'd love to hear it. you can always share news or contact us. We'd be happy to spread the word.

NEWs highlight

Paul Chin, Caymanian Rennaissance Man
Talent Network

A recent article highlighted all the many talents of alumnus Paul Chin (BDes, 2013).

Alumni Relations is happy to share the full article so that you too can enjoy reading about a fellow alumnus.

And make sure to check out his website!

Way to go Paul, keep being awesome!

OCAD University booth at 2013 tiaf

2013 toronto international art fair
Talent Network

Alumnni Relations is happy to share news that OCAD University will have a booth at the 2013 Toronto International Art Fair (TIAF).

OCAD U's first-ever TIAF booth will be well represented by a roster of alumni that includes:
Marc de Pape (MDes, 2013)
Erin Loree (BFA, 2012)
Nicholas Crombach (BFA, 2012)
Vanessa Maltese (BFA, 2010)
Bar Gilmour (MDes, 2011)
Alexandra Haagaard

Stay tuned for details about the opportunity to partake in guided tours of the exhibit courtesy of co-curator Michael Prokopow

Be sure to visit booth #1404 at TIAF!

TIAF runs from October 25th - 27th at the Metro Convention Centre.

Questions about OCAD U's booth at TIAF? contact alumni@ocadu.ca

talent network available to alumni

Talent Network replaces Job Board
Talent Network

Register as alumni today to access a wide range of opportunities! Learn more!

Alumni merchandise available

317C the store for computers and books

Talent Network

You will be pleased to find the following Alumni Association Merchandise at 317C:

Canvas, laptop-friendly, utility Tote Bags $39.99 +tax

Embossed, insulated collar, Ceramic Mugs $19.99 + tax

Custom-etched, 10 oz., Beverage Tumblers
$10.99/each $64.99/set of 6 + tax

Diploma Frames $110 + tax

The store is located in room 317C of 100 Mc Caul street. More information about the store.

major discounts on tickets to show

Alumni get 40% discount off ticket price

toronto fall home show
Talent Network

The Toronto Fall Home Show, presented by Scotiabank, would like to offer OCAD U students, faculty, staff and alumni the opportunity to take advantage of their VIP Corporate Ticket Program. Save up to 40% off tickets to the show (regular admission $15). Use promo code OCADU13. October 3 to 6, 2013 Better Living Centre, Exhibition Place 100 Princes' Blvd, Toronto Direct link to the ticket purchase page.

in memoriam

Harold Vanstone, (AOCA, 1949)
passed away Sep 17, 2013, age 85 |details|

Special thanks to alumnus John Ellis (AOCA, 1961) for keeping us informed.



Talent Network

OCtober 2013

02 Life Drawing
05 Life Drawing
05 Scotiabank Nuit Blanche
09 Alumni Association Annual General Meeting
09 Life Drawing
12 Life Drawing
16 Life Drawing
18 50 Year class reunion for class of 1963
19 Life Drawing *extended pose for painting
21-23 Workshop Series: Keita Morimoto
23 Life Drawing
25-28 OCAD booth at 2013 TIAF
26 Life Drawing
30 Life Drawing

Go to our Alumni Events page for full details and registration for events.

November 2013

02 Life Drawing
06 Alumni Assocition Meeting
06 Life Drawing
09 Life Drawing
12 Artists' Health Alliance Workshop
13 Life Drawing
21 Life Drawing
23 Life Drawing at the Gardiner Museum
26 Financial Literacy Workshop

Event highlight

Semblance: even better than the real thing

courtesy of josie maclachlan (bfa, 2012)

Talent Network

Woman King Collective was formed in 2010 and is comprised of three OCAD University Alumni, Megan A. Skyvington, Ange-line Tetrault and Tara Lee Towers.

In August 2013, Woman King Collective brought together artists and designers working in completely different disciplines and asked them to question "what hides beneath the surface and what are the stories that are told when a hidden truth is revealed?" The result was Semblance: even better than the real thing, an intriguing collection of art objects, armor and paintings (to only name a few). The intelligent use of colour, reflected light, and forms in both the artwork and presentation evoked themes of appearance, reality and guise.

"Semblance: even better than the real thing" was well represented by OCAD University alumni and the lists of artists included:

Stella Cade (BFA, 2013)
Marta Chudolinska (BFA, 2008)
Josie MacLachlan (BFA, 2012)
Erin Mccutcheon (BDes, 2008)
Elija Montgomery (BDes, 2013)
Suharu Ogawa (current OCAD U student)
Megan A. Skyvington (BFA, 2011)
Ange-line Tetrault (BDes, 2011)
Tara Lee Towers (BDes, 2011)

Event highlight

young alumni workshop series

Figurative painting with daniel hughes

Talent Network

In September, the Young Alumni Council was successful in hosting another amazing workshop at OCAD University! The Young Alumni Workshop Series (an initiative started by young alumni but offered to anyone who's interested) was started to create opportunities for alumni and friends to learn new skills and enhance their current practice. While appealing to both artists and designers these workshops will address a wide variety of topics.

The workshop titled "Figurative Painting with Daniel Hughes" was a great success. Renouned artists and former OCAD U instructor Daniel Hughes (AOCA, 1991) spent 3 days with 10 students from all walks of life and guided them through his take on figurative painting.

Working from the live model (courtesy of Alumni Relations) students received personal instruction and observed a demonstration at the beginning of each day's lesson. It was nice to receive such positive feedback from both the instructor and the students who signed up!

Sorry you missed it? Do not fret, we will be offering plenty of worthwhile workshops in the months to come. Make sure to keep an eye on the alumni events page for upcoming events and workshops! The next Young Alumni Workshop Series will be another painting workshop with Keita Morimoto teaching the all prima portrait method. More details about this workshop below.

life drawing fall/winter sessions

Wednesdays 7-10pm and Saturdays 10am-1pm

Talent Network

All open life drawing sessions have been scheduled for the fall/winter season. Please refer to the dedicated life drawing page of the website for the full list of dates. Classes are drop-in and $10 cash per person. Life drawing session are located in room 615 of 100 McCaul Street. Wednesday night sessions are 7pm - 10pm and Saturday morning sessions are 10am-1pm.

Many thanks to the Alumni Association volunteers who make these sessions possible.

For questions regarding life drawing please contact alumni@ocadu.ca

alumni association annual meeting

wednesday october 9th 6:30pm - 7:30pm

Talent Network

Come one, come all to the to OCAD University Alumni Association Annual General Meeting.

The meeting will be held at 6:00pm on the night of October 9th in the main board room (284) of 100 McCaul Street.

Join President Maggie Broda and the volunteer members of the Alumni Association as they discuss what's in store for this coming year.

Topics on the agenda include:

- Fundraising Initiatives
- The 2014 Alumni Association Exhibition
- Alumni Travel Opportunites
- Alumni Outreach
- Volunteers Opportunities and
- Updates from the Young Alumni Council

Be there to find out how to be more involved with the OCAD Univeristy Alumni Association and as always meet other OCAD U alumni!

Refreshments will be served so please RSVP to alumni@ocadu.ca with the subject line "RSVP Alumni Association AGM".

50 year reunion for class of 1963

invitation open to grads of 1962 and 1964

Talent Network

The 50 year class reunion for the class of 1963 is happening Friday October 18th!!!

50 years, now that's worth celebrating!!!

Come on by the Lambert Lounge of OCAD University on October 18th where from 6:00pm - 9:00pm you'll have a chance to:

- Enjoy plentiful snacks and beverages!

- Peruse 1963 era O.C.A. memorabilia!

- View the 1963 student Handbook!

- Take tours of the main campus!

- Catch up with old friends!

- Meet new friends!

- Listen to music from the 60s!

Have a grand ol' time as you toast your fellow alumni on 5 decades well spent!!!

Presented by Alumni Relations and open to grads of 1962, 1963 and 1964 this reunion is a great opportunity for alumni to connect with the folks who experienced O.C.A. as they did.

Regardless of who kept up with over the years, 5 decades is a long time and there is bound to be some stories worth sharing! We wanted to offer a chance for you all to meet in the same space and share your experiences with the people who can probably relate the most.

The night is tailored towards simply that... a casual drop-in setting, where over the course of a few hours you can meet up and have some drinks, eats and laughs to celebrate this momentus occasion.

For questions and to RSVP please contact
Julie Thompson, Assistant Alumni Relations juliethompson@ocadu.ca
or by phone (416) 977- 6000 ext. 4880

New solo-show for Jason Gringler

angell gallery october 4th to november 9

Talent Network

Please find new work by alumnus Jason Gringler (AOCAD, 2001) in a solo-show titled "WORK" on display at ANGELL GALLERY from October 4th to November 9th. Opening reception Friday October 4th 6:00pm - 9:00pm To spread news of upcoming shows contact alumni@ocadu.ca

New solo-show for dENIS lAROUCHE

atrium gallery in ottawa until october 23

Talent Network

Seasoned alumnus Denis Larouche (AOCA, 1986) has been working hard in preparation for his upcoming solo show, “The Quantic Landscape – Paintings inspired by Particle Physics”.

the solo-show is on display September 27, to October 23, at the Atrium Gallery of the City of Ottawa.

In recent news Denis has received some pretigious awards including the 2012 Gilles-Gagne Award for Artistic Excellence and the Tele-Quebec Award in 2011.

Denis currently works both as a painter, and as a Museum Display Artist, making scale models, mannequins, artefact mounts and more for museums and historic sites.

Just as Denis Larouche did, share your news!

upcoming series of aha workshops

Artists' Health Alliance

Talent Network

Alumni Relations and Artists' Health Alliance are once again partnering up to run a series of workshops for the fall/winter season. These discounted workshops (hosted on campus) make the AHA accessible to students, alumni and the surrounding community. Learn more about Artists' Health Alliance.

The first in the series of workshops is: "No-Stress Critique" and will be facilitated by Adam Lodzinski on November 12th.

Contact alumni@ocadu for more details

awesome free event app available

article below courtesy of graeme davis
Talent Network

ShowDom is a map-based event finder. It's a website and mobile app that encourages show discovery based on what's happening near you.

We're sure that you know what it feels like to be sitting down doing work, wondering what you are going to do that evening?

So you pull up ShowDom.com. you see a map of your area covered in ShowDom tags, each representing a show or event. Tags are colour coded by event type, so they are easy to identify. Selecting a ShowDom tag brings up a summary of the event, and links to more information.

Now you know a band is playing at the bar around the corner, that an art show is hosting a reception later that night, or that a non-profit organization has a charity fundraiser in a few hours.

The community of local events are at your finger tips. These events are uploaded by the promoters and artists themselves, giving the user access to a broad variety of shows and entertainment. In return, ShowDom gives the artists and promoters a way to reach new audiences. It's as if they're hanging a giant billboard above the event for everyone to see.

ShowDom is totally free to use, and free to create events. Our goal is to connect you to the events and experiences happening in your city. Amazing events are happening all around you.

Find Showdom's website, Twitter and Facebook.

Download the app for Apple and Android.

young alumni workshop series

Keita morimoto

Alla Prima portrait with colour theory

Talent NetworkTalent Network

Keita Morimoto (BFA, 2012) is a painter who has gained quite a following since his graduation from OCAD U in 2012. While he studied at OCAD U Keita also received intensive training from artists such as David Leffel and Joshua LaRock. He has exhibited his work in a several group shows around Toronto, Tokyo, San Francisco, Portland, and Los Angeles, as well as participated in a number of charity auction events to raise money for Japan relief after the 2011 earthquake and tsunami. In 2011, he won a painting competition organized by Paul Butler at Art Gallery of Ontario during Scotiabank Nuit Blanche and received an upcoming solo exhibition at MOCCA. He has also recently finished his first solo exhibition at the Gladstone Hotel in 2013.

With a few art battles, solo-shows and live painting demos under his belt, Keita is young, enthusiastic and ready to share his passion.

In an effort to do so, Keita has crafted a 3-day workshop where particpants will delve into the world of Alla Prima Portrait Painting with Practical Colour Theory.

The workshop details are as follows:
October 21-23
Room 488 of 100 McCaul Street
$190 hst/incl

Day 1: The instructor will give a short overview on materials and their use, followed by a 30 minute demonstration on setting up an overall mass of the model's face, its placement, and design of value and colour. Students will only paint with black and white on the first day.

Day 2: A concept of limited palette will be introduced followed by a short 15 minute demo. Students will be able to paint with only red, yellow, cool black, warm black, and white.

Day 3: On the final day, students will be painting with full palette. The instructor will go around the class and give each student individual advice to meet their own objective. Registrants of the workshop will receive the suggested list of materials prior to the workshop.

At a limit of 15 people spots are going to fill up fast. For details about registration and payment contact juliethompson@ocadu.ca or by phone at 416 977 6000 ext. 4880.

Join Keita as he shares his tips and tricks for a technique that he is well on his way to mastering!

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