1. Welcome to the Alumni Network, Class of 2021!
  2. Eligible for your DRDFS Scholarship? Claim or Defer Now
  3. Fall Back to
  4. Alumni Emergency Fund - Funds Available
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Welcome to the Alumni Network, Class of 2021!

Once students complete the Next Level Scholars program, support doesn’t end there. We are dedicated to providing the support and access to resources our students need to be successful getting to and through post-secondary.

All Next Level Scholars program graduates are automatically a member in the Alumni Network.

Alumni support includes:
  • Individual check-in’s and coaching
  • Programming and social events for alumni
  • Bi-annual surveys to ensure relevant and timely communication and support for alumni
  • Scholarships for eligible alumni
  • Newsletters
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • availability
  • Alumni Emergency Fund
  • And more!
DRDFS Scholarship - Claim Before Time Runs Out

If you are eligible for your Detroit Regional Dollars for Scholars scholarship check, you will be able to claim your scholarship starting June 1, 2021.

Students that are eligible for scholarship funds for the Fall 2021 semester will have checks disbursed to their institutions on the dates below, pending Award Agreement or Award Renewal form submission.

  • August 23, 2021
  • September 1, 2021

Please check your personal email for more updates! If you haven't received an email and you believe you are eligible, please reach out to Erin at
Fall Back to, the online, 24/7 FREE tutoring is back for the 2021-2022 school year! As a DRDFS alumni, you have access to over 250 subjects including accounting, psychology, nursing, and writing! There are also great resources available such as resume building and stress management.
Head over to, and enter the same login information from the past school year to access tutoring. If you don't remember your login information, reach out to Erin!

You can also check out this YouTube link for more information
Alumni Emergency Fund

The Detroit Regional Dollars for Scholars Alumni Emergency Fund is available to DRDFS alumni who are currently enrolled in post-secondary education who have an immediate financial emergency that may derail their education and would like to request support. The fund allows students to meet their needs and continue their education.

  • You are currently enrolled in a post-secondary institution (you were enrolled in the spring and plan to enroll in the fall)
  • You have not already received emergency funds from Dollars for Scholars.
NEW! Join the Alumni Outreach Team


Outreach Team members receive sharable updates via email as exciting news and events happen. You can choose to share these updates to your social media pages as much or as little as you prefer (this is completely voluntary). You’ll play an important role in helping us grow.

Interested in joining? Email for details, including how to BUILD YOUR RESUME with DRDFS Outreach Team information.

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Are you Ready for the Fall Semester?
To-do's to get ready for the fall semester:

  1. Review and update contact information in your online student account.
  2. Does you have a health care proxy? A HIPAA release form (medical information)?
  3. Clean up any “old” business from last semester, such as incomplete courses or financial issues.
  4. Review degree progress. Look carefully at all requirements (general education and for the major) and sketch out a plan for getting things done. How many credits will you need each semester? Check pre-requisite classes that need to be completed before others can be taken.
  5. Make any necessary schedule changes. Avoid the need to make changes once classes begin. Make sure you know the last day to withdraw withdraw without having to pay for classes.
  6. Make sure you have a payment plan in place for any tuition balances. Schedule a call with financial aid if you have any questions.
  7. Order textbooks early to get the best prices and guarantee they’ll arrive on time. (Save money by renting or purchasing used textbooks, see below!)

Here is a list of websites to look at to buy your books at a cheap rate, and save money: 
·    Chegg 
·    Campus Book Rentals 
·    Better World Books 
·    Amazon 
·    Ebay 
·    Valore
Featured Resources

  • Click here for scholarships with deadlines in August.

  • Click here for scholarships with deadlines in September.

  • Click here for scholarships with deadlines in October.

  • SwiftStudent is a FREE resource to help guide you through the financial aid appeal process. 
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