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Summer 2015
Dear MYSO/MFY Alumni,

Milwaukee Youth Symphony Orchestra has been touring nationally and internationally for decades and values the once-in-a-lifetime experiences that these performance and educational tours offer. In this newsletter, check out the photos  and tour memories we have been collecting over the past few months through our Alumni Facebook page. If you have more stories and photos to share, email them to katietruax@myso.org. 
MYSO & MFY Tours  
Throughout the Years!
Vienna & Budapest in 2015
Members from MYSO's Senior Symphony and Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra are touring in Vienna & Budapest right NOW! They are performing in renowned concert halls such as MuTh Concert Hall, home of the Vienna Boys Choir, and Béla Bartók National Concert Hall in Budapest. Many parents are accompanying the orchestra on the trip and one recently shared, "this will undoubtedly be the experience of a lifetime."
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Vienna & Prague in 2012

"The crazy closing concert at Vienna's City Hall was an experience I'll never forget. Celebrating with students from Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and tons of other countries after giving some of our greatest performances was amazing."
- Bethany Brinton

"In Prague, Ms. Deutsch caught a fly out of nowhere (
WITH HER FINGERS) and kept on conducting. That was such an intense concert. Especially playing Mars when it was at least 100 degrees in that hall. I remember not being able to see my music because my glasses kept fogging up!" - Bianca Kue
China in 2007
"I remember the Drum Tower ceremony in Xi'an. It wa s such an honor being presented with the key to the city."
- Brittany Broman

"This trip was such an amazing experience."
- Katelin Calo
Spain and Italy in 1997

"That was a great trip! For some reason the thing that sticks out in my mind is the outdoor performance where it started raining and we all had to stop midway through and run for it." 
- Sarah Ruben 

"Some great memories: performances in the Co ncert Hall in Valencia, near the ocean in Alicante, and i n the town square in Nettuno." 
- Erik Eisenmann

"This is the tour I found my husband...took 10 years for us to date but the friendship started here. Amazing memories!" 
- Amy Mikec 

"I remember being sup er embarrassed that my mom sent me with an inflatable neck pillow. Little did I know it would turn into a massive bargaining tool after so many days on the bus."
- Hilary Mercer

"This summer cemented my desire to work in arts management. Although I have a ways to go before fulfilling my dream of being Fran!"  
- Carolyn Stoner      
Switzerland in 1987

"I rememb er that John Downey thought that we should be beginning the concerts with our own national anthem so he wrote a beautiful arrangement of the Star Spangled Banner on the bus one day. What a treasure we had in John Downey." - Nancy Witte Herro

"I remember our concert master drawing a crowd by fiddling in the square to earn money."
- Julie 'Bamberger' Roubik

"We had the best crowds and went to amazing cities - Salzburg, Bern, Appen zell, Toulouse and more." - Patrick Rath

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