ACF Newsletter
Spring 2018
Welcome to the very first newsletter of
Alums for Campus Fairness  (ACF)!
As the 2017-18 academic year comes to a close, we have many updates to share with you and we are thrilled to have you as an ACF member, supporter and friend!

Welcome ACF Executive Director, Avi D. Gordon
ACF welcomes its new Executive Director, Avi D. Gordon!
Avi has nearly a decade of experience in the campus Pro-Israel community and will utilize his experience to expand and lead ACF as we continue to grow. You can reach Avi at or dial 917-512-4585.
Executive Statement

Avi D. Gordon, Executive Director
As Alums for Campus Fairness (ACF) continues to flourish, I am encouraged by the dedication of our many leaders across the United States. I would like to extend my gratitude to  ACF co-Founders Mark Banschick, MD, Susan Julien-Levitt, and Laurie R. Josephs  for their guidance as I embark on this incredibly important journey of creating a stronger, more unified voice for alumni.   A special shout out to StandWithUs and other organizations who have supported our growth!

Alumni are a key element to the campus community,  particularly as students on far too many campuses are bullied for being supporters of Israel.

Our work is just beginning and with your help and commitment, we can help campus administrations, faculty, staff and the public at large recognize the importance of their personal involvement in their alma maters. At a time when far too many incidents of bullying and Anti-Semitism plague campuses, alumni will be a powerful growing voice as part of the tapestry of campus stakeholders.

Share this newsletter with your networks! Tell your lists that we are  EXPANDING  across the nation at key universities, many of which are at risk!
Updates from ACF Chapters
An anti-Israel student grabbing the microphone away during a Yom Ha'atzmaut celebration at Washington Square Park in NYC.
Letter to NYU President Andrew Hamilton
ACF's NYU Chapter penned a petition to President Hamilton to investigate the actions of Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) and Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) in their recent barrage on the Pro- Israel community. Over 500 alumni signed the petition. To read ACF's press release,  click here .
ACF-UCLA Responds to Hate
On May 17, during a Students Supporting Israel (SSI) event at UCLA highlighting the stories, history, and experiences of three different Middle Eastern indigenous communities -- Armenian, Jewish, and Kurdish -- students were harassed and shouted down by the UCLA chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP). ACF-UCLA leadership sent a letter to the Chancellor demanding action.  Click here   to read the letter. The administration has responded and there is an investigation going on. We will keep you updated.
Columbia/Barnard's Activation
Following the disturbing news of anti-Semitism promoted by Professor  Hamid Dabashi   regarding Israel and those who support it, our alumni group immediately took action, having over 30 faculty and staff and hundreds sign on to the letter.To read the open letter to the President of Columbia,  click here .
ACF-Tufts Takes a Stand
During a coursework entitled 'Critical Drag' a student, with the approval of her professor, ripped apart an Israeli flag. Pro-Israel students who attended were shocked and extremely uncomfortable. ACF-Tufts leadership wrote a letter to the Board of Trustees and received a hopeful response. Read the original note here , and read the response here .
Oberlin's BDS Issue
ACF-Oberlin Chapter Leader Melissa Landa wrote an article featured in  The Algemeiner  about the ongoing battle for campus fairness at Oberlin and the lack of support Pro-Israel students receive on campus. You can read Melissa's article by  clicking here.
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