A Special Announcement
Washington DC Bound!
Ruben Alvarez, Entrepreneur and recently appointed Executive Director of the Pico Rivera Chamber of Commerce has been selected to represent Small Business owners concerns in Washington DC at the "Recognizing the Power of the Small Business Economy," Summit on May 8-11, 2016 hosted by the Small Business Majority, a national non-profit. The yearly function unites entrepreneurs and small business owners from all over the nation and will allow small business leaders to interact with policymakers, including senior Obama Administration officials, and issue experts to identify resources needed by small businesses and policy recommendations that will foster entrepreneurship and a healthy small business ecosystem.

One of only 200 persons selected to attend, Alvarez is excited about his first trip to Washington. His enthusiasm is 16 years in the making. Starting Stay Connected OC~ Emerging Markets Network on an idea and vision, an old computer, and 500 email addresses, he has transformed how people, businesses and organizations in the minority business sector receive their information. He has sent out over 7.5 million emails to date and has over 20,000 readers through Constant Contact, Twitter, Facebook, and Linked In.

He has not wasted any time in representing the small business concerns of Pico Rivera Chamber as he already has made an appointment to meet with the staff of Congresswoman Linda Sanchez who represents the city while in DC. Alvarez is deeply honored to be selected and looks forward to representing southern California with pride.

The findings of the summit will be presented to
senior members of the Obama Administration at White House Eisenhower Executive Office Building on the last day.

The Summit will focus on topline issues of importance to small business, including:
  • Access to capital, including emerging technologies such as online lending and crowdfunding, along with issues surrounding predatory lending: to ensure small businesses obtain capital necessary to grow and strengthen their firms in a responsible and sustainable manner.
  • Tax policy to spur small business/economic growth while leveling the playing field and promoting fairness; ensure tax policies being considered truly help small businesses, not large corporations or special interests.
  • Critical workforce issues impacting small businesses today such as healthcare, retirement savings, minimum wage and family medical leave.
  • Small business' critical role in big-picture economic matters such as infrastructure and economic development.
  • Technology, cyber security and online privacy, and how small businesses can adopt and learn about new solutions to old challenges.

The goal of the Summit
Small businesses aren't simply the backbone of the American economy, they are its foundation. But too often the small business voice gets lost in the clamor of special interests, policymakers and industry leaders-all willing to poach small business' good name in order to advance their own agendas. The Small Business Leadership Summit aims to shine a light on small businesses' importance to our overall economic success, and reclaim that voice.
The Summit will elevate the small business voice in all areas that impact the small business community-at the ballot box, in the media, in local communities and in specific industries-in order to promote a robust and thriving small business economy.
The Summit will also focus on the role small businesses can play in creating an inclusive economy that provides a pathway for women, minorities, youth, veterans and immigrants to enter the mainstream American economy and build income and independence.

Characteristics of our small business leaders
  • Small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs from all 50 states
  • Firms with fewer than 100 employees (80% have fewer than 25)
  • Underserved small businesses including women, minorities, veterans and entrepreneurs from low- and moderate- income communities. More than 60% of attendees last year were women, and nearly half were minorities
  • Pragmatic, not ideological
  • Every race, ethnicity, culture and religion; in communities large and small