Portraits of Recovery celebrates "Renewed Hope"
Portraits of Recovery 2019 was a celebration of the power of "Renewed Hope" generated by the Amethyst community of recovery for women and their children. Clients featured in the program included Dorthea S. singing " Footprints in the Sand," Teresa B. with a spoken word performance, Jennifer F., who read a children's book she had written, and Amanda P. and Gabby, her daughter, who told the audience how the Amethyst program has led them to renewed hope. Everyone who attended felt inspired by the talents and achievements of the clients who took the stage!

Portraits of Recovery engaged more than 300 sponsors, donors, volunteers, clients and supporters in caring for the future of Amethyst, an Alvis recovery program . Thanks to their generosity, we were able to raise more than $85,000 to support the Amethyst program!

Denise M. Robinson, Alvis President & CEO, with the clients from the Amethyst program whose talents were part of the Portraits of Recovery program. (l-r) Jennifer, Amanda, Gabby, Denise, Dorthea, and Teresa.
Jen Estey (l), L Brands Director of Ethics and Compliance and Alvis Board Member, accepted the Purple Heart Award on behalf of L Brands from last year's honorees, Rita and David Cohen.
October is Substance Abuse Prevention Month
Alvis' substance abuse prevention programs break generational cycles
In addition to a range of addiction treatment programs that address the needs of women, individuals with justice involvement, individuals with developmental disabilities, and other individuals with specialized needs, did you know that Alvis also provides prevention programs for youth?

The Alvis Family and Children's Program, SummerQuest Day Camp, and H.Y.P.E. (Helping Young People Succeed) after school program are all designed to specifically address the needs of children whose parents have behavioral healthcare needs (substance abuse/mental health treatment needs) and/or justice involvement. Each program provides counseling, treatment, support and subtance abuse prevention services.

Prevention and support programs for these children are very important: Studies have shown that in homes where at least one of the parents abuses alcohol or drugs, children are about twice as likely to develop addictive disorders themselves . These children are also more likely to experience: Poor performance in school; emotional and behavioral problems; low self-esteem; a higher risk of physical, verbal, or sexual abuse; a higher risk of developing anxiety or depression; and earlier onset of experimentation with drugs or alcohol.

Want to learn more or to do more to help? Click the following link to access a Guide for Children of Addicted Parents or click this link to Support Prevention Programs for Youth at Alvis.
Nature's Touch is Aspire Award Winner
Nature’s Touch, an Alvis social enterprise, won the 2019 Aspire Award. Nature's Touch is a landscaping and lawn care business that provides work experience to individuals with justice involvement. For some, it is their first legitimate job.

The Aspire Awards are organized by Metropreneur and SocialVentures, online organizations that promote social enterprise and nonprofits in Central Ohio.

Thank you to our 2019 Community Partners
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