Hope to Reality

For a family experiencing homelessness, hope can seem unrealistic. But not here.

At Saranam they can find relief from the overwhelming task of survival, take a deep breath knowing they are taken care of, and believe that a new future is within reach.

We need you to make that future available to our families. As you plan your year-end gifts, we ask that you consider Saranam. Your gift this year will not only support our current families, but the families who will join us at our new, second campus next spring.

"We’ve come from hoping to believing. Saranam gives the parents and kids hope and the belief that they will succeed." -Saranam family

Hope is not a luxury... but it is fundamental to change, and with your help we can make it a reality for the families who need it.
Home for the Holidays

Ho-Ho-Home! Our holiday playlist is already going and we can't wait for the season to begin!

Everyone deserves a holly, jolly holiday. If you are interested spreading some cheer this year, here are some ways you can help:

  • Donate new or gently used holiday décor to bring a twinkle to our families' homes. We are particularly in need of trees and wreaths.

  • Help parents be gift givers. Host a gift-card drive to places like Target and Walmart so parents can get that special something for their kids.

Donations are due by December 9. Contact Sunny Holmes with questions or to arrange a donation drop-off. Thank you for spreading holiday cheer!
Parenting, finances, algebra- oh my! There is a lot to learn at Saranam in two years. That's why we offer alumni continuing education on topics that become more relevant as they work and save.

One of the important topics we covered this month is insurance. Knowing the vast array of insurance options can save families lots of hassle and money, but with so many choices it can quickly become overwhelming!

In an easy tutorial, families learned how to prioritize their needs and found where to access resources when they decide to take the next step.

We are planning several learning sessions this spring on financial topics such as taxes, insurance, writing wills, and applying for college and college scholarships. If you have experience and interest in leading our learning, contact Rachel Zepper.
Works of Heart

Sandia Labs gave our families a huge dose of hope this month as they brought messages of resilience and joy to life in murals surrounding our playground.

These gorgeous murals were designed by Sandia's immensely talented creative team and over 20 employees gathered to paint them over two days.

Saranam was one of the eleven projects that Sandia Labs took on this month to celebrate "Sandia Gives Day". We are honored to have been chosen as one of the recipients of their community care!

KRQE was there to talk about this special day and highlight the ray of hope Sandia shined on our community. Check it out!
Essentially Essential

Thank you so much to everyone who donated a coat to our Annual Coat Drive! Your warm gifts came just in time to help our families bundle up for this chilly fall weather.

Another big cheer for Grace Church and Christian Brother's Automotive for making free oil changes and minor repairs available to our families!

This is the second year this gift has been made available to us and we are so grateful that a dozen families were able to benefit from this generous gift.

Thank you to everyone for providing the essentials our families need!

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