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Thursday Great Books Study at 10:30 AM
  Dear Folks:

We continue reading (and discussing) a book entitled 
Moral Leadership  for a Divided Age Fourteen People Who Dared to Change Our World
 by David P. Gushee and Colin Holtz. I encourage you to purchase the book and walk with us as  we  study the lives the authors present to us of people who have exhibited  moral leadership in the divided times in which they lived. 
The authors state: The point of this book is not to insist on a single authoritative list of moral leaders. Our hope, instead, is that this book deepens your understanding of moral  leadership and strengthens your ability to discern it.

This week we move into a study of the life, principles, ministry, and impact of a very courageous lady named Harriet Tubman (1822-1913). "If all Harriet Tubman had done with her life were escape slavery through her own ingenuity and determination, she would be a model for millions. But that was just the start. After winning her freedom, Tubman went back-risking her life and liberty to free others." Harriet earned the nickname "Moses" after the prophet Moses in the Bible who led his people to freedom.  In all of her journeys she "never lost a single passenger." As a part of our Thursday discussion we will read passages from the Book of Exodus which relate to Moses leading the people of Israel from slavery in Egypt into a place where they had a chance for a new life of dignity, respect, and freedom. However, like the Israelite's, those who followed Harriet Tubman have had to fight every step of the way to achieve that freedom and respect.

Gushee, David P.. Moral Leadership for a Divided Age: Fourteen People Who Dared to Change Our World (p. 88). Baker Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.
Harriet Tubman's life and work offer a number of important lessons about moral leadership:
1. Faith can drive both moral evil and moral greatness.
2. Recognize the extraordinary.
3. Leadership can start small.
4. People will underestimate you.
5. Keep going.


1. What do you make of the profound suffering that Tubman experienced in her life? How did it shape her as a leader?
2. Would you describe Harriet Tubman as a person of faith? What kind of faith? What role did it play in her life?
3. What set Harriet Tubman apart from other freed slaves in being willing to go back and lead numerous escapes, at risk to her own life and freedom?
4. How would you describe Harriet Tubman's wartime activities? What do they contribute to her legacy? 
5. Talk about the postwar Harriet Tubman. What was her life like? Did she still make a difference?

Gushee, David P.. Moral Leadership for a Divided Age: Fourteen People Who Dared to Change Our World (p. 106). Baker Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.

  Since I post this study on Face Book as well as the St Jerome's website,, I invite comments and questions from any of you who are not able to be physically with us, but find this study meaningful and would like to be a part of it. Please feel free to contact me at
Bless you all,
Fr Kelly

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