Dear Friends and Neighbors,

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about building trust in our government. For starters, I should be present, visible, and available to those I represent. I like to do that over a cup of lemonade or coffee during the summer.

What an honor it is to represent Midtown! I am trying to listen to families where they are, reminding them that I am here to serve!  Whether it is connecting Alaskans to state services that are helpful and necessary or representing their values with my votes as State resources are spent, and laws are made.

Building relationships with my constituents is important to do my job well. To best connect with folks, my team and I will often pop up a tent at parks or neighborhoods, offer lemonade and other snacks, and encourage questions and conversations. 

Last Wednesday, we were at the jewel of midtown Anchorage, Cuddy Family Park. We can be seen in the photo nestled in the trees between the library, a pond, and the red play structure!

What a beautiful day! Many folks came up to converse over a cup of lemonade. One comment that kept coming up is the pervasive and worsening homelessness issue. Folks in Midtown want State and local policymakers to get to the ‘root of it’ so that it doesn't keep popping up here. Wise thoughts. In the coming months, I’ll share my ideas on addressing this seemingly intractable problem. 

Do you have ideas about locations I might show up next? Call us with your workplace, favorite midtown park, senior center, VFW, or neighborhood block.  We set up in driveways, parking lots- anywhere people gather. We serve lemonade and coffee, and I serve up listening and answering questions.

Politics doesn’t have to be combative or uncomfortable; it can be interactive, constructive, helpful, and reassuring. Where positive changes reflect people’s real needs, Democracy will thrive.

Immunizations App

A New Way to Access Vaccination Records

Docket is a free and secure app that provides easy access to your official vaccination records. Whether it’s your records or your children’s, Docket® keeps your personal vaccine information in one place.

The app can also help you stay current on all vaccines by showing when you’re due for a dose. Learn more at If you have general questions about vaccinations, you can learn more here>>

School Supply Giveaway

Back to School

Our youngest Alaskans will return to school on Thursday, August 17. If you want more information on what is needed for your child's first day of school, please visit the Anchorage School District website.

If your child could use some help with school supplies, HUGSS has a distribution happening on Wednesday at Betty Davis East Highschool. There will also be a backpack giveaway hosted at 49th Supply Company on Saturday, August 12.

Alex Birthday Pet Food Donation

Alex stopped in my office last week with his mom to discuss how I can better serve them as their representative. He shared his experiences and demonstrated his thoughtfulness for others as he turned 8 in July and did a pet food drive for his birthday. Thank you Alex for being a part of our community.

Appreciation for Sarah (middle) who told us about the Docket app, and all those in Public Health working hard to keep Alaskans healthy and up to speed on information!

Anchorage Assembly

The next Assembly meeting is Tuesday, August 8. The meeting starts at 5 p.m. however, you can watch it via live stream here>> To view the agenda click here

If you plan to testify electronically you must register by 5:00 p.m. today. The public may submit written comments here>> You may also participate (1) in person, or (2) by phone. If you would like to provide comments or testimony over the phone, please sign up online at this link by 5:00 p.m. the day before the meeting. There is no sign-up list for in-person testimony – the Chair will invite the public to speak on a first come basis. Please do not sign up to provide phone testimony if you plan to attend in person.

Are you interested in making a difference in your community? Joining your local community council is a great way to participate in government and local affairs. You can find your local community council by clicking here

Serving you,

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