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6th & 7th Weeks of 2021 - February 21, 2021
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Message from Mary Tarnowka, Executive Director

Dear Colleagues, 
Happy Lunar New Year and best wishes from the AmCham team! We hope you are enjoying this festive time of the year. We have enjoyed working with you throughout 2020, the Year of the Rat, and look forward to the 2021 Year of the Ox!
We also hope you didn’t miss the (non-traditional) Tet greeting from U.S. Ambassador Dan Kritenbrink, produced by AmCham member Vietcetera with the U.S. Mission Public Affairs team! Click HERE for article.

We also wanted to share a recent Zing article (text in Vietnamese but video interview in English) where I shared thoughts on prospects for U.S.-Vietnam economic and commercial ties under the Biden Administration. We welcome your feedback. Click HERE for article.

Until further notice, AmCham Vietnam is hosting our events and meetings at a Level III rating to support Vietnamese Government efforts to control the COVID-19 outbreak, and accommodate different member preferences. Masks are required to attend AmCham events or visit the AmCham office. Our Level III events will be hosted in a hybrid format, allowing both in person participation up to 30, as well as virtual participation. Hand sanitizer and temperature checks will be mandatory upon entry for those who attend in person. Handshaking is discouraged. We thank you all for your cooperation in our response to the pandemic. Click for more guidance on our rating levels here: https://www.amchamvietnam.com/amcham-event-level-rating/.
On February 24, please join a special virtual webinar with the Pacific Forum on “Leveling Up: The Next 25 Years of U.S. and Vietnam Commercial and Business Relations”. We have an impressive line-up of speakers: Baker & McKenzie’s Fred Burke, Intel’s Uyen Hồ, and 500 Startups’ Eddie Thai. And thanks to U.S. Mission support - complimentary participation. Click here for event information.

We look forward to meeting many new members at our February 23 AmCham 101, and encourage those interested to join our February 23 VBF and Legal Committee (where we will discuss the new draft IP law) and February 24 Healthcare meetings. All these meetings will take place in a hybrid format; please register now, especially for in-person participation.
Congratulations to the newly-elected Executive Committee of the 2021 AmCham Vietnam Da Nang Board of Governors: Chris Vanloon-Chairman; Michael Kelly-Vice Chair; Dr. Kasia Weina-Vice Chair; Craig Meadows-Secretary; and Luke Treloar-Treasurer.  We are excited to see our Da Nang chapter growing!
We welcome your feedback on how we can improve our services to support you better. Please email us at team@amchamvietnam.com. We look forward to seeing all of you in the New Year! Chuc Mung Nam Moi!!  Mary
Message from Chris Vanloon, Chairman of AmCham Vietnam-Da Nang Chapter:
Chuc Mung Nam Moi! Happy Lunar New Year from Danang and thanks to all the relevant agencies in the government that have made this New Year safe and prosperous so far. Wishing everyone a healthy, safe and successful Year of the Buffalo!
On behalf of AmCham’s Food and Beverages Committee, we will be submitting comments on various regulations relating to healthcare and food safety, including Circular 24/2019/TT-BYT on management and use of food additives. With input from our VBF and Legal Committee and member companies, we will also be submitting comments on Vietnam’s draft Intellectual Property Law.
Committee Meetings & Activities (For AmCham Members Only)
Upcoming Events
February 23, 4:30 - 5:30pm

At this new member event, you will learn more from our Executive Director, Mary Tarnowka, about AmCham Vietnam benefits, our mission, and programs to help new members - or existing members who want to learn more - how to get involved and make the most of their AmCham membership.

Register for in-person attendance or to receive the Zoom link to joining virtually. 

Contact Membership Assistant Ms. Ruby Nguyen if you have any questions.
February 24, 2:00 - 3:15pm
Webinar: U.S.-Vietnam Indo-Pacific Conversation Series #5 || Leveling Up: The Next 25 Years in U.S.-Vietnam Business & Trade Relations

Virtual participation only on a complimentary basis. Please register to receive the Zoom link.

For inquiries, email maritime@pacforum.org.
POSTPONED (New date TBD, originally February 25 AM)
Virtual Real Estate Outlook 2021 - A Business Intelligence Briefing

March 11, 9:00 - 10:30am SAVE THE DATE – Click here for more details.
March 11, 4:30 - 7:30pm     SAVE THE DATE – MORE INFORMATION TO FOLLOW
Promoting Ethical Supply Chain Practices in Vietnam
COVID-19 Update from Healthcare Provider Subcommittee Chair Dr. Mason Cobb and Andrew Meadows
We are still in a waiting period to know whether the ongoing outbreak in the North is contained and whether Tet travel spread the outbreak. The website for registering for a vaccine also raised questions and is currently down. The big question in Vietnam, is when will the vaccine be available, who is eligible to receive it, who will administer it and when, and at what cost and procedure?

There is, however, increasing information on vaccine effectiveness. Israel reported on 553,000 fully vaccinated individuals (Pfizer BioNtech) and found no deaths and no serious cases. Although the Astra Zeneca vaccine (to be used in Vietnam) may have decreased effectiveness on at least 1 of 11 new strains, it is likely to prevent most life-threatening cases. Also, even in cases where the vaccinated person is still a carrier of live virus, the USA CDC says the viral load (i.e., risk of infecting others) is diminished. There is also recent news that the Pfizer vaccine may be stored at less than the previous -70 degrees and is 92% effective after only one dose.

We know that the first shipment of 240,000 doses should arrive February 23. There is still much uncertainty, however, regarding the above questions. VNVC, a large, private, local vaccine company, had provided a website for pre-registration for the vaccine, but questions arose regarding whether the website was in fact a registry and how the personal and medical information solicited would be used. Until there is more clarity, we recommend waiting to hear official guidance from MoH.

The current outbreak now seems mostly limited to Hai Duong with single-digit cases sporadically in other parts of Vietnam. The government has some 123,000 people in various stages of quarantine and is aggressively tracking cases and testing. The 70x more contagious UK variant of the virus is likely responsible. The VN government’s rapid over-reaction is effectively controlling this outbreak, but it is still a danger. Even in HCMC with 36 cases and none within the past few days, gatherings of more than 30 people are discouraged, and bars and restaurants are advised to limit patrons. Gyms are closed. It is recommended to only go out for necessities and always mask, distance, and frequently use hand hygiene. Travel restrictions remain in place with no change on the immediate horizon.

The new normal is unpredictability: stay tuned.
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