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March 2022
Women's History Month Feature: AmPac Business Capital Office Buildout Led by Women
When Hilda Kennedy, President and Founder of AmPac Business Capital, decided to purchase a building for her growing business, it was an easy decision to make in choosing a commercial interior design company. She had received multiple referrals and they all pointed to Sisson Design Group, a woman-owned commercial interior design firm, based in Ontario, CA.

Sisson has provided planning and design services for various corporate, educational, medical, governmental and hospitality projects throughout Southern California and the Western United States. Key projects include a remodel of Avery Products Corporation’s 77,252 square foot office space in Brea, California and design services for the San Bernardino Valley Municipal Water District involving a complete build-out of their new office building and board room.

For AmPac, Hilda was looking for someone to do the planning, design and construction drawings required for obtaining the building permits.

“I met Hilda at the building, and she explained to me what her vision was for the new office from a business and design standpoint,” said, LeeAnn Sisson, principal of Sisson. “We took Hilda’s vision and made it a reality. During the design phase, we presented several different concepts and interior finish options, from which the AmPac team selected their final design concept. We then took those decisions and drew the detailed interior tenant improvement drawings and designed the interior and exterior signage for the building.”

After completion of the drawings, Sisson also coordinated obtaining the city permits and the contractor bids. Through the bid process, Hilda selected Vejar Construction, a woman-owned firm based in Riverside, CA, to be her contractor. Brenda Vejar, who heads Vejar Construction, has lead the company to be ranked in the top 4% of California licensed contractors (according to Build Zoom) and to win the 2021 Project of the Year Award (interior commercial category) for its work on the Riverside Main Library.

 AmPac, Vejar Construction and Sisson worked collaboratively throughout the construction process until completion of a beautiful, state-of-the-art office.

“For the AmPac project, I am the proudest of being an integral part of making Hilda’s vision a reality. I really enjoyed working with the women on this project. We were all very comfortable with each other, and it made the project go smoothly!” said Sisson.
Success Story: SBA 504 Finances Two Purchases for Growing, Woman-Owned Wholesale Textile Business
SBA Corner
U.S. Senators Applaud SBA Administrator Guzman’s Decision to Extend Additional Deferment to Existing COVID Economic Injury Disaster Loan Program Borrowers

WASHINGTON – On Tuesday, March 15, Administrator Isabella Casillas Guzman, head of the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) and the voice for America’s 32.5 million small businesses in President Biden’s Cabinet, announced a major policy change to the SBA’s COVID economic relief portfolio to provide more flexibility to small business owners impacted by the pandemic, especially those in hard-hit sectors. Starting immediately, as directed by Administrator Guzman, the SBA will provide additional deferment of principal and interest payments for existing COVID Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL) program borrowers for a total of 30 months deferment on all approved COVID EIDL loans.

Alongside the President’s vaccine strategy and global leadership in managing the pandemic, the SBA’s pandemic relief programs, including the COVID EIDL program, have been critical pieces in getting Americans safely back to work, powering our historic economic recovery, and helping small businesses navigate challenges caused by recent variants, as well as supply chain and inflation challenges. The COVID EIDL program, alone, has allocated more than $351 billion in relief aid to 3.9 million borrowers, including to the smallest of small businesses from historically underserved, disadvantaged communities. 
How HR 5050 Changed Entrepreneurship for Women
By Deborah Sweeney for Forbes

Women were not able to obtain business loans 30 years ago.

Most people doubt me when I share this fact, so I decided to dig in to the legal history for confirmation. While there were not any laws specifically prohibiting loans to women entrepreneurs, the facts show that business loans to women simply were not issued. It wasn’t until 1988 that people began to take notice that women business owners could contribute to the economic growth of the United States. As a result, a study, and ultimately new laws, were drafted to enable women to receive loans for new businesses they wanted to finance.

The year 2018 was the 30-year anniversary of the HR 5050: Women's Business Ownership Act of 1988 (“WBOA”). This was an Act introduced by John LaFalce, a former New York congressman, aimed at aiding the success of women business owners. The passing of this Act recognized how women could change the entrepreneurial landscape and allowed women, for the very first time, to take out business loans in their own name. This is the first legislation that recognizes the importance of female entrepreneurs in the national economy — and it was created a mere 30 years ago.
Apply for Leap 2 Launch Entrepreneur Before Closing on May 2
This program will host 20 entrepreneurs over an 18 month program/lease term with a monthly check in targeting accountability based growth. As a part of the initiatives offered through The Entrepreneur Ecosystem sponsored by AmPac Business Capital, this program is hosted in conjunction with Ecosystem resource partners! 

The Entrepreneur Ecosystem is designed as an environment for small and medium sized businesses to build and grow to greater success. We offer private offices, state of the art technology, and open work spaces for flexible hybrid co-working options. We are looking to accept and enroll 20 total business owners into our inaugural cohort. We would be very grateful if you would encourage entrepreneurs in your network to apply!

Virtual participation is encouraged through the Mobile App!
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