Autumn 2022 Newsletter
Letter from our Director
Rachelle José de Mattos-Saldate
We are halfway through the fall term and Amador College Connect remains busy assisting students in applying and registering for the upcoming winter and spring semesters. We’ve had a great semester so far, filled with student cohort meetings, financial aid (FAFSA) workshops, an Amador County Chamber of Commerce Mixer with Motherlode Job Training, and a fun barn dinner & dance fundraiser held at the Laughton Ranch in Jackson.
As 2023 draws near, we look forward to continuing our partnership with the Amador County Behavioral Health Department to offer scholarship funds to qualifying residents of Amador County pursuing certificates/degrees in Human Services from Coastline Community College. For individuals interested in early childhood education (ECE), Amador College Connect maintains its collaboration with Columbia College and First 5 Amador/Quality for Kids to offer apprenticeship opportunities. For qualifying employees of the Jackson Rancheria Casino Resort, scholarship opportunities are also available. Lastly, Amador College Connect partners with ACUSD to offer both adult education and high school students the ability to take college courses. Please contact our center to learn more about any of these exciting possibilities!
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Charity Showcase
November 29th
St. Katharine Drexel Hall
Meet & Greet 4:30-6:30 pm

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Success Happens at All Ages!
Articles contributed by Debra Bergman-Donnell
Laura Ellison finished 30 years of employment with the Amador County government and decided she was still too young to retire. In June of 2019, she started taking childhood education (ECE) classes online with Sonora's Columbia College. Laura had been referred to Amador College Connect by the director of the Montessori school in Pioneer and decided this is where she would begin her second college journey. Having already earned a Human Services certificate and Family Development credential from the College of San Mateo, Laura was already familiar with college in general. She was able to transfer credits from other colleges toward her Associate of Science degree in Child Development, which she received in December of 2021, with Distinction. Laura also completed the Apprenticeship for Child Development with Columbia College as well as a Site Supervisor permit. She now works at Pioneer Montessori, initially as site-supervisor but has recently transitioned to substitute teacher, moving into an administrative role to support the director. Laura states that her main goal is "to make a significant difference in the field of child development." She especially loves seeing her young students learn while having fun. She credits Amador College Connect for her success: "It would have taken longer to meet my goals without the assistance and guidance from Amador College Connect." Her advice to those who have considered college but are hesitant is to "Enjoy the journey and know that you don’t have to do it alone." She also added, "It’s never too late!"
Congratulations, Laura Ellison, we're so proud of you!
Alec Raines is a junior at Amador High School and is simultaneously working on his associate degree at Coastline College.
When asked why he decided to give college a try, he said he had signed up for an advanced placement (AP) history class and decided he didn't want the excessive, yearlong workload to interfere with his other, more relevant, classes. His counselor, Lara Eichman, sent him to Amador College Connect in May, where we hooked him up with Coastline College for a summer course in American History. Throughout the 8-week semester, Alec made it a routine to come into the center to complete his coursework. He said the course required an average of 6.8 hours a week, which he said was not very difficult as long as he cut out the time for it. His diligence paid off as he received an A for the course as well as 10 high school credits toward graduation. When asked how it feels to be a college student at this young age, he said, "It's nice to think I'm in college while in high school." Alec plans to knock out more classes toward a Sociology associate degree while in high school. He is currently taking Introduction to Gerontology, learning about the sociological dynamics of aging in today's world. For fun, Alec enjoys his Drama class with the legendary Giles Turner. He also loves avocados! Alec's advice to other high schoolers who may be interested in dual enrollment is to plan ahead and get enrolled as early as possible. He also recommends choosing your workload carefully while in high school and learn what subjects you like and what possible careers you might want to pursue.
Way to go, Alec!
Ready for Spring?
We sure are!
Your academic future is a simple phone call away. Give us a call!
Important Spring 2023 Dates!
Coastline Community College:
January 3, 2023: Start of Winter Intersession
January 30, 2023: Start of Spring semester
February 27, 2023: Mid, 8-week classes begin

Columbia College:
Full Term Classes Begin - January 17
Last Day to Apply - January 6
Last Day to Register - January 10

Foothill College:
Spring Quarter 2023 runs Monday, April 10–Friday, June 30. Registration begins Feb. 20.
Late-start classes are also available! Contact us for registration deadlines and/or to make an appointment for Spring 2023!
Columbia College
Offering FREE Tuition
This Spring!
Columbia College is generously extending its FREE tuition offer for the upcoming spring semester! Here at the center, we currently have over 35 active students attending online classes with Columbia. About half of them are Amador County high school dual enrollment students, and they all agree that Columbia College offers an impressive array of relevant courses that are taught by outstanding instructors.
ACCF Thanks the Community!
On October 1, Amador Community College Foundation (ACCF) hosted a fundraiser at the Laughton Ranch in Jackson. It was a fun evening with an impressive county-style meal, live music, square dancing, and auctions used to raise funds to support Amador College Connect. The ACCF board would like to thank the community for their participation and financial contributions. Special thanks to the following:
  • Jim and Bobbi Laughton who donated the use of the Laughton Ranch for the event
  • Slade and Elky, ‘Those Windburn Brothers musical group, for their help with the event auctions and the wonderful music
  • Kip Garvey the caller with the Jackson Claim Jumpers Square Dance Club
  • The Jackson Claim Jumpers Square Dance Club for the square dance performance and lesson
The ACCF board would also like to thank those who graciously donated to the live auction: Robert Tillery, Ashley Guillemin, Michele Lind, Meg Newell, Dominic Vicari, Zita Makkos, Bianca Burton, Zaffarano Family, Terra D' Oro Winery, Dobra Zemlja Winery, Ted Brown, Dickerson Family Trust, Starbucks Coffee in Martell, Shauna Hansen of Shauna's Sweets, Peggy LeClert, and Keith and Janice Davis for their wine and appetizers donations that were served prior to the dinner. A special thanks to the ACC students who volunteered at the event: Hollie Hamilton, Celina Clark, Tyx Pulskamp, and Dustin Ferner.

It is with all your help that the Amador Community College Foundation can continue to fund the work of Amador College Connect, facilitating access to and support services for online college courses and career improvement certificates to individuals in our region.

Contributed by John Tillman, Amador Community College Foundation board member, and Debra Bergman-Donnell

Honor Roll Students!
Victorious Student
The following students enrolled at Coastline College through Amador College Connect have achieved Honor Roll for the Spring Semester, 2022.

Each of these students completed 6 or more units and earned a 3.0 or above GPA. Those with an “*” achieved a 4.0 GPA.

Ashlyn Atnip*
Christine Backovich*
Allis Bronken
Andrew Bryce
Nelope Jelley
Madison Kettelhut*
Shirla Lopez*
Shana Molotch
Sam Pabst
Jessica Powers*
Karen Rodriguez
Arianna Snyder
Amy Stuart
Jennifer Wyckoff*

Congratulations to each student for their hard work and success!


Our greatest needs are in Accounting, Math, Science, and Human Services, but if you are skilled in any academic area, we'd love to put you on our list of volunteers. All of our tutors are volunteers who have the desire to help out in the community. If you are interested in sharing your wisdom, please contact us!
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