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Accent Food Services Texas
Market driver Luis Mendez follows a planogram for an Accent Food Services micro market.

Category management, a retail concept in which the range of products purchased by an organization or sold by a retailer is broken down into groups of similar or related products, has taken on new importance in refreshment services with the rise of micro markets, which carry more stock keeping units (SKUs) than vending machines.

Accent Food Services, a refreshment services provider based in Pflugerville, Texas, has overhauled its category management process in the last two years for both micro markets and vending machines. As a result, the company claims its product mix more closely meets the needs of its customers.

Amanda Sulc, director of category insights and strategy at the company, defines category management as looking at products or SKUs within a particular category and trying to determine the best assortment of products within a set amount of space in order to maximize revenue.
OptConnect Tech 2 Success
MagTek Introduces OEM Hybrid Insertion Card Reader Authenticator
The oDynamo reads magnetic stripe and chip card data.

MagTek, Inc., a provider of payment technology, has launched the oDynamo OEM card reader authenticator. The oDynamo provides reliable reading of magnetic stripe and chip card data.
Designed to fulfill the wide-ranging needs of vending machines and other unattended payment applications, the oDynamo supports multiple communication protocols and offers a host of interfaces including USB, UART and Ethernet. MagTek's oDynamo also easily integrates with PIN pads and NFC modules.

"The oDynamo provides manufacturers of POS equipment an opportunity to easily integrate EMV and MSR functionality into their unattended terminal applications," said Tom Coduto, vice president and general manager of MagTek's OEM solutions business unit. 

NAMA Certifies Azkoyen Group Venders
Azoken NAMA Certified
The Azkoyen Group, a multinational technology firm with headquarters in Navarre, Spain, specializing in the design, manufacturing and marketing of  technology solutions, has earned National Automatic Merchandising Association (NAMA) certification for the vending machine models it currently markets in the U.S.: Vitro S5, Vitale, Zen, Zintro and Zensia. The certification is based on the 2013 U.S. Food and Drug Administration Food Code.

All the hot beverage machines manufactured by the Azkoyen Group have been evaluated according to the construction standards and public health codes recommended by the U.S. Vending Industry and Health Council.


Stoeltihng Soft Serve Vending
The AutoVend allows users to select size, flavor and toppings.
The AutoVend from Stoelting, a Vollrath company, is a quick-serve frozen yogurt or soft serve machine that dispenses a personalized frozen treat within 30 seconds. The machine allows users to choose their size, flavor and toppings from an easy to navigate digital screen.

The frozen treat is dispensed with a spoon.

Payment options include cash, credit, debit and near field communication.

The machine features a reporting interface dashboard capable of monitoring the machine through Wi-Fi or cellular 3G/4G at any time.

The customizable reporting interface features real-time product inventory management, including amount of product sold, trends and historical data, along with product temperatures and frequencies.

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