The Great Turnaround Connection
December 2012 Issue

Q&A with Dr Wilkinson

Any reflections looking back on 2012 with The Great Turnaround?

To God be the Glory! It really was an amazing 2012 ...

Is deciding to partner with GTA easier with the new Board Packet?

Yes - and we are very excited about this new tool which was created for ...

Why is your website's great new tool, the Calculator, so popular?

I think its simplicity of use and its quickness to reveal vital information ...

Highlights - The Great Turnaround Results


National Speaker Spotlight

Steven Lester

It is Steven's heart for delivering a message that matters that lead him to his current role ...

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Pro-Life Answers to Pro-Choice Arguments Expanded & Updated
By Randy Alcorn

As politicians, citizens, and families continue the raging national debate on whether ...

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Events - Touched Lives

What touched donors the most? (in their own words)

"The related scriptures and videos. Great speaker."


"Positive energy and level of motivation."


"Everything really, but ultimately putting it all into perspective."

"This was the most successful event we have had in 24 years."

Judy Van Wagner - Community Pregnancy Centers

"It was the Lord’s night and the Lord’s Banquet"

Brenda Dowden - Executive Director - Women’s Resource Clinic
Chico, CA

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