Happy "almost" Spring from everyone at
Vision Recycling. We hope you enjoyed the winter and endured the long, cold, wet season. Have the rains ended? Now is the time to plant, apply compost and lay the ground cover. "Got Mulch?"
Here's what's happening in our world..... 
Amazing Aerial Footage of our Green Waste facility in Watsonville at The Buena Vista Landfill  
Watch this amazing video taken with a miniature drone flying over the operations at Buena Vista. This two minute video gives a whole new perspective on green waste processing from above the grinder, front-end loaders, trucks and personnel all moving in harmony with each other.    Click the center of the image to view video!
Vision Recycling's Website Receives Complete Overhaul
Vision Recycling's website was recently overhauled to include new images and features. According to Tom Del Conte, President of Vision Recycling, "In order to stay current with the emerging markets, we had to update our website. This platform is so important with commerce, communication and the main vehicle for informing the public who we are." Check it out when you have time! 
Vision Recycling's Andrew Tuckman Named Associate Member of The Year by The CLCA! 
At this year's California Landscape Contractors Association leadership conference in Ontario, Andrew was named 2017 Associate Member of the Year for his hard work and commitment over the last seven years with the state wide organization. Back in 2010, the Santa Cruz chapter was struggling with attendance, hadn't transitioned into the digital age, and had a board of directors that was changing. With a spirit for rallying the member-base, Andrew did it all from implementing Constant Contact for its email correspondence and program registrations, to producing every event throughout the year. According to Andrew, "I felt that if I could unite the green industry in the Monterey Bay and bring landscapers, designers, and architects together with suppliers, our industry and local community would thrive." Andrew started the CLCA All Star Band, a Rhythm & Blues trio featuring other members in the green industry to add a different dynamic to the events. Andrew was President for three years and displayed the strong leadership skills needed to save the chapter. Andrew was also involved at state conventions and regularly attended Presidents Council meetings in Sacramento during his tenure. Congratulations Andrew!
China Wants To Compost!
Members of the organization Kunshan Nursery& Landscape Construction Association from Shanghai visited Vision's Watsonville facility to try and gain an understanding of how green waste processing is handled.  Their city Kunshan in China (a suburb of Shanghai) produces 45,000 tons of green waste every  year and  the government has mandated diversion rates to put organics back into soils.  Good luck to Mr. Yu who has a clear vision and aggressive goals to get the job done! 
During the early months of Spring, apply Compost:
Vision Recycling's Vision Comp is made from ground-up yard trimmings (leaves, grass, & small brush).  The material is then composted for 3 months, with temperatures monitored daily to maintain adequate heat to achieve PRFP (the process to further reduce pathogens).  A Lab test is taken before the product is ready for sale while the material cures and cools.  This product is great for amending finicky soils. For more information or to place a delivery, call 510-429-1300.
New to the Vision Recycling Community?   
Here are two corporate videos to bring you up to speed with what we do.  

Thanks for reading our newsletter!  Stay hydrated out there, we have a warming trend happening all of a sudden. It's amazing that we can go directly into Summer weather from Winter overnight and in the blink of en eye.  Have a great few months. 




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