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Day Camp/VBS Update
The stories coming from Nazareth about the Day Camp/VBS are heartwarming. Thank you for helping support these camps. Within the first fifteen minutes of registration, 195 children were registered! In all, 400 children applied. Due to space and human resource challenges, 260 were accepted. This is 100 more children than attended in 2017. Our hearts are full.

The children are hearing about God's love for them multiple times daily. During Week One, there were 147 Gospel touches to 260 children. Children learned in every way possible to "Be ye kind one to another..."

Please visit the following sites on Facebook for daily videos and postings. Facebook: Friends of Nazareth and LBC Camp. We are fonfriendsofnazareth on Instagram.

Thank you for your prayers. Your gifts make our partnership with Nazareth Baptist School possible. Gifts may be mailed to: Friends of Nazareth, 3482 Keith Bridge Road, #215, Cumming, GA 30041 or donate online.

President's Points
Dr. Roger D. Mardis, President
As I write these words I'm hanging out in one of my favorite places/cities in the world... Nazareth, Israel. FON is about to begin the third week of its camp season. What an amazing time we've already had! 

Daily, as many as 263 kids have attended the 2018 Day Camp/VBS. By the end of next month FON expects to enroll over 850 campers in the summer camps for ages K-9th grades. This is truly amazing when you understand that 6 years ago camp enrollment was about 80. Next year our hope and plan is for every one that wants to come to be able to come to camp to hear of Jesus' love and grace. 

A 'Nazareth Ministry' is very Biblical! In John's gospel we can learn a few things about this city and its opportunities. Let me point out four items. A Nazareth Ministry:
  1. Is grounded in God's Word- John 1:45. John reminds them of Moses and the prophets. The name Nazareth or Nazarene has its origins in the Old Testament. The root idea is for the word branch or shoot. When Jesus grew up in Nazareth and was called a Nazarene it was because He is the new life or branch off the old. 
  2. Focuses on Jesus the Messiah- John 1:36, 41. FON desires to point this city to our Lord. Why? He is Messiah! He is Lord! And He is Enough!  
  3. Is intent on 'finding' people - John 41, 43,45. Peter was found, Phillip was found, Nathaniel was found. It is so incredible to watch our scores of volunteers, and the locals as well, reaching out to those of this community...finding them so they can find Him!  
  4. Results in a good work - John 1:46. Nathaniel asked his now familiar question 'can any good thing come out of Nazareth?' I'm hear to tell you, the answer is YES! We are eyewitnesses to this reality all summer long. 
Friends, this would not be possible without your prayers, involvement, and gifts. YOU. are truly making a difference by investing in a ministry... A Nazareth Ministry...that is intent on God's Word, Christ our Messiah, Finding people (outreach), and providing a 'good work and result'. We cannot thank you enough for your belief in all we are seeking to do.  

I'll return to the states next month and I'd love to visit with you or your church. As we approach 'missions awareness season' give me a call and let's schedule a time to meet. I would love to share with your church personally all that our Lord is doing in His hometown. In the meantime...'come and see'. 

Dr Roger D. Mardis, President 
Friends of Nazareth

Renovation Update

As soon as the Day Camp/VBS concludes, NBS hopes to begin rewiring the entire main campus building and repairing the Kindergarten play yard fence that is crumbling and is dangerous to the children as well as the neighbors.

Over the past ten days about thirteen earthquakes have taken place in Galilee. Some were felt in Nazareth. Now, it is even more urgent that the current building is upgraded to make it safe for the children in the event of a major quake, which seismologists anticipate in the not so distant future. Experts are alerting schools that this action is necessary. NBS is among a host of schools in Israel that were constructed when builders were not concerned about earthquake readiness.

FON is accepting donations to help cover a portion of the overall project costs. If it is your desire for funds to be applied to this initiative, please note that your donations are for renovations.

Photo Journal
(Check Friends of Nazareth and LBC Camp on Facebook for scores of photos from the Day Camp/VBS)

Congratulations to the 64th graduating class of Nazareth Baptist School.

Week 1, Day Camp/VBS Team. This group of energetic volunteers from South Carolina and Alabama started the 2018 summer program. Great teams and great fun.

Week 2 Day Camp/VBS volunteers. There were both returning and new volunteers from Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and Tennessee. Energy plus with this group from Idlewild BC, Lutz, FL and North Metro Church, Marietta, GA.

Week 3 Day Camp/VBS volunteers. They hail from Oklahoma, Georgia, Tennessee and Alabama. They are ready to wrap up the three week camp with a bang! Thank you Brian and Marquita Dickenson and your team from the OKC area as well as Eddie Cantrell, Senior Pastor, and his team from Trenton, GA. 

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