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Supporting Learners with Disabilities Through High-Quality General Instruction.

All children deserve a highly energetic, dynamic, and responsive school experience. As educators, we desperately want to serve our student with disabilities as well as possible. Yet it feels so daunting.

What if...

  • Teachers had a better understanding of how to meet highly diverse learners through regular daily lessons and activities?
  • Teachers felt knowledgeable enough to advocate for their children with disabilities--so we could keep them in the classroom more often?
  • Teachers had a network of other passionate and committed educators to discuss these challenges with--an to collaborate with?
  • Schools had access to two knowledgeable and dynamic facilitators to help pull all of this work together?

Listen to Michael McSheehan and Mike Anderson share their story and the genesis of this opportunity.

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WHO: Primarily 36 general educators from 6 NH school districts.

WHAT/WHEN: 1-day August 2021 workshop, monthly statewide check-ins and on-going district-level coaching, with a capstone Summer 2022 conference.

WHY: Educators will:

  • feel more competent and confident with learners with disabilities.
  • connect with other educators in NH to celebrate, share, and renew their commitment to this work.
  • gain new strategies for academic instruction for diverse learners.
  • learn more ways to provide quality educational experiences for learners with disabilities.
  • rethink the structure of academic inclusion in their schools and districts.

Qualifies for

ESSER II , Title 4a, Title 2a, and Title 1 Grant Monies

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