Fruit & Boot Camp

Norton Healthcare staff members taught a class at our facility to promote children's wellness and safety.  They made a fruit and yogurt parfait and talked to our moms about being more health conscious in their desserts. They also shared a video for children from the Go Noodle website called Koo Koo Kangaroo's Milkshake. It's designed to get families together to do silly things to learn.  Norton's staff also performed a car seat check for our clients while they were here.  Thank you Norton Healthcare for your partnership--we learn so much from you!
Nikeshia is our very first e-school graduate who received her high school diploma.  This was done through online course work through our partnership with Jefferson County High School which allowed Nikeshia to complete her needed classes to receive her high school diploma.  She was helped by our academic team and Charlie our faithful volunteer math tutor.  Good job team and congratulations Nikeshia!
Last quarter, $1800 was raised by our supporters who used their Kroger Rewards cards. It doesn't take away from your points--Kroger gives us money based on your spending. If you are a Kroger shopper, please consider this easy way to support this ministry.
Can you help us out?  We are collecting needed items for our clients and their children for Thanksgiving and Christmas.Here's our current list of needs...
Join us in praising God for:
  • Our one year anniversary of moving into our new facilities!
  • Our first graduate since our move. A long time client and mother of a saved baby, she was drawn to our new facilities and buckled down to finish her schooling and get her high school diploma and now has a job.
  • One of our clients with 5 children, who has been living in VOA housing now has a house. (She's also thankful for a full time job.)
  • One of our toddlers who has had a difficult time adjusting to child care has improved!!
  • A great response to our Sing/Praise team; twice we've had 8 women join us!
  • Safe Harbor (Orphan Care Alliance) who helps care for our clients' children in crisis situations.
  • Saved babies!!
  • The Eagle Scouts who build some wonderful wall art for us out of pallets--great job guys!
Please pray for:
  • Staff member Marilyn Beverly recovering from a broken hip
  • Staff illnesses
  • Hard hearted clients!! This is the time of the year when we see the most hear hearted clients--much more than any other time!
  • God's wisdom, love, and strength for our crisis counselors as they deal with these clients
  • Our clients that are ready to deliver, healthy deliveries and home better situations
  • Salvation for our clients, for the Holy Spirit to convict their hearts
  • Our clients struggling with drugs